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FTRC.BLOG / What is Frame Travel Roam Capture?

What is Frame Travel Roam Capture?

Hey there! I’m Felipe Tofani, the solo adventurer behind Frame Travel Roam Capture, a blog born from my passion for exploring new places and capturing vibrant moments.

Formerly known as Fotostrasse, this journey began as a photography project when I, originally from Brazil, found my way to Berlin. Two spirited black and white cats joined me in this adventure, adding a feline charm to my travels.

Initially conceived in 2013 as Fotostrasse, Frame Travel Roam Capture was my response to the desire to inspire fellow transnational citizens residing in Berlin to discover the hidden gems of the city I now call home.

Blending my love for photography with the excitement of navigating an unfamiliar town, I initiated the project with photo meet-ups, gradually evolving into the travel blog it is today.

Let’s work together!

In today's world of digital perfection, there's something special about analog photography, and we have been fully embracing it for a while now. A sense of nostalgia comes with the grainy images and unpredictability of film. And when it comes to travel photography, there's a unique charm to capturing moments with an analog camera.

What started as a documentation of local explorations quickly expanded to encompass journeys across the globe. From the cobblestone streets of Umeå to the vibrant landscapes of São Paulo, I’ve been fortunate to share my adventures with you, my cherished readers.

Every trip, whether to historic cities like Dresden and Vienna or the northern landscapes around Helsinki, has become an opportunity to weave stories and capture the essence of each destination.

Frame Travel Roam Capture is not just a travel blog—it’s a diary of my global escapades, a visual narrative of the beautiful and diverse places I’ve encountered.

Join me on this solo expedition as I navigate the world, one frame at a time.

Media Mentions and Awards

My work has been all over the internet, and below, you can see some selected links and places where we have been featured.

Since early 2014, I have visited more than 25 countries on three continents, and I have only just started. Click around the blog to see what I wrote about all these places.

As you already know, Frame Travel Roam Capture is not the first blog I ever had. I have been publishing my thoughts and articles online for a while now.

My experience started all the way back in 2005 when I started writing about design on what I believe is the oldest Brazilian design blog that still exists today, with new articles going live every week. That blog is called, and you should check it out.

You should check my if you want to know more about me, the music I like to listen to, and the concerts I go to here in Berlin. Here is my LinkedIn.

Also, I have a personal blog on my design portfolio URL.