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Late Spring 2024

Late Spring 2024 — Summer is coming, and Berlin is already getting warm, so I hope I can survive that. I’m trying to enjoy the sunny weather by taking my bike out as often as possible. Let’s see if I can try bike-packing in the next few months.

Regarding photography, I have been posting film pictures I took back in 2023 on my Instagram account and trying to write about this here. I took too many pictures last year, which took me too long to scan, edit, and enjoy.

Walking aroud Treptower Park

I also keep posting them on my Flickr and Lomography.

My plans for the future are to learn how to develop black-and-white films, and I’m curious to learn more about photography. I have been reading Ansel Adams’ books, which have changed how I see some aspects of photography, and I love it.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been fixing and rewriting the articles I wrote when this was still called Fotostrasse. The blog migration was more complicated than I had in mind, but it’s done now.

Also, one of my goals now is to have one new article every five days, and this has been working well so far, which is something I’m really proud of.