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FTRC.BLOG / 52 Weeks of Burgers: The Best Places for Burgers in Berlin

52 Weeks of Burgers: The Best Places for Burgers in Berlin

This is how we came up with the 52 Weeks of Burgers challenge, and our goal was to go to a different burger place every week in 2019. At the end of 2018, while most people are trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and get into shape, we decided to go in the opposite direction.

Here you will keep in touch with the places we visited, how much we like them and everything else you might need. And if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to contact us!

December 2019 brings an end to this…

Belushi’s is part of a popular chain hostel, and the bar is a hot spot for those who want to watch some games, have a nice beer, and eat something.

Belushi’s is a prominent place with two floors, many big tables, many TVs playing different matches simultaneously, and some beautiful music. You order some food and beers on the counter, and they bring it to you. 

For another week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, I visit the fancy Kumpel & Keule Speisewirtschaft in Kreuzberg. We visited the Kumpel & Keule stand in Markethalle Neun in September, and since then, we have been curious about their own restaurant near Gorlitzer Park. Since this was my birthday week and I wanted a beautiful place to eat, we decided to pamper ourselves and try this place out.

Lia’s Kitchen is an entirely vegan venue, focusing mainly on the different kinds of vegan patties filling their burgers.

Lia’s Kitchen is relatively small but cozy, with very few tables on the inside and bigger ones on the outside. So, if you are considering going with many people, ensure it is on a warmer/dryer day. As usual, order by the counter and grab it later.

Right in the city’s center, I explore Momotaro Tavern for our #52weeksofburgers challenge this week. This place was recommended to us by a good friend, and it is slightly surprising that we had never heard of it before, considering how central it is.

In the end, this place was delicious, but the considerable amount of people for the size and staff situation made it a bit uncomfortable. I would go back to a less crowded time of the day. I am not sure if I trust the reservation system here, too.

Vincent Burger is this lovely, cozy venue in Charlottenburg. It is similar in look and idea to what I believe is their brother restaurant, Rembrandt Burger, which we previously enjoyed.

Close to it, you can find the supermarket where some key scenes in the movie Run Lola Run happened. If you like the movie, get the burger and take pictures of the location, one block away.

Vincent Burger is a lovely place. Everything was super well done and good quality. It’s a shame it is in a place we don’t have many reasons to go to, but if you are around, this is worth it! They also make all of their burgers with Beyond Meat patties!

November is an excellent month for burgers.

Supreme has excellent reviews, and we were a bit unsure about it since it seemed aimed towards tourists, but to hell with it, and we happily gave it a try. And we loved it.

Loveburger is a decently sized and recently opened 100% vegan burger place in Neukölln, so we decided to give it a go. We arrived on a Thursday evening, and the home was beautifully decorated. And the staff is lovely; it seems inviting for a quick bite or a more extended, chatty meal.

This is a lovely, comfy place to eat an excellent vegan burger that makes the best from its fresh ingredients. 

Nestled in the middle of concert venues and bars, Kreuzburger is quite a popular place to have a post-drinking snack in Oranienstrasse. The location is medium-sized, so it might accommodate all your drunk friends; the music is quite loud, and the staff is helpful. It’s the classic you order on the counter and go and grab it later.

Overall, this is not the wrong place, and it is not remarkable either; the prices are higher than usual for the quality. We would probably go back after too many beers to have more poppers, but I wouldn’t leave the house to go there.

Peter Pane is a giant burger chain around Germany with beautifully decorated restaurants. We thought this would be an excellent way to check for once the German take on burgers is. Overall, it is not the wrong place, but it seems a bit pretentious for the quality of what we ate that day. The price is a bit high, the location is not comfy, and the food is average. But they have a ton of vegan and vegetarian options.

October Burger Places

The first Tommi’s Burger Joint was born in Reykjavík, Iceland 2004, created by Tómas Tómasson, aka Tommi. Tommi’s Burger in Mitte is trendy. All their shops have the same look: wooden walls, posters, many signs, and parts of the menu are handwritten; there are string lights in the ceiling; it is kind of a pub vibe with a twist.

This week, I left Berlin for the challenge and explored Poland in the lovely city of Poznań. Since we cannot miss the chance to taste a different view on burgers, we looked for one that seemed kind enough and found Fat Bob Burger.

The place is big and nicely decorated, but I think we wronged ourselves by going there on a Friday evening. The place was busy, and finding a lovely table was annoying since we were six people. They offer menus in English if you are not a Polish speaker.

It’s time for another Asian-inspired burger: Son Kitchen. This little window on the wall at Kantstrasse caught our eyes a few times before for its simplicity in the street crowded with restaurants.

Son Kitchen sells a few Korean dishes like Bibimbap, but today, we are here for the burgers! This is just a window with the menu around it, and if you want to eat there, you can munch standing up on the two “tables” available or lean on the little counters.

A few weeks before, we went to the most famous burger place in Berlin, the Burgermeister at Schlesisches Tor. We wanted to find out if their other venues are as delicious as that one.

So we headed there on a Wednesday night; the place was very crowded, the music was super loud, and the guy at the counter seemed more worried about the orders coming out than what we were ordering. It is a big venue, but we still had to fight to sit somewhere. They try to keep the same vibe as the original place, with the pipes instead of benches at a few tables, so nobody gets too comfy.

BrewDog is a Scottish craft beer brand with venues worldwide, and since we are beer drinkers (and official burger eaters), we had to try it.

There is a reason why this place is not so central; it is simply massive, easily one of the biggest venues I’ve been to here in Berlin. Amazingly decorated, you can see the brewery in the back, a beer museum, many arcade machines, and a shop with some merch.

The place is heavily used for more significant events, so don’t forget to make reservations even though it is massive. The staff is lovely, and this is an excellent place for a non-German speaker.

Four New Burger Places in September

Shiso Burger Kantstrasse has the same modern, cool decor, but they have a more grown-up look here. The music is still louder than we would enjoy. But the whole environment is way more enjoyable than the Mitte venue we went to in January. And the waiter was terrific and explained the types of meat and everything super well.

This week of our peculiar #52weeksofburgers challenge, we go to Reichenberger Straße and munch at Reichen Burger. Once again, we did not want to go so far, so we found this place that we had never heard before, and it was a big “why not?”.

This one would also make a lot of points in the Berliner burger shop bingo. Loud hip hop playing, the menu is on a blackboard behind the counter, everything kind of street style, order and get it by the counter, you know the deal… The people were super friendly to us, and the place was a bit bigger than usual, with a couple of tables inside and outside.

Located at Marheineke Markethalle in Bergmannkiez, Piechas is a butcher shop and food stall with various burgers and other meat specialties. We went there on a Wednesday afternoon; the place was quite chill; you could choose to eat inside or at the market’s tables on the outside.

Overall, we were pretty disappointed. The meat seemed super tasty, but the rest of the burgers were a failure for the relatively expensive price. Maybe their other dishes are worth a try, but the burgers are a hard pass.

This week, we ventured to Markethalle Neun in Kreuzberg to eat (almost) straight from the cow at Kumpel & Keule, a butcher shop dedicated to bringing back the art of butchery. There you will find beautifully dry-aged meat and homemade sausages, this sounds kind of pretentious and very hipster-like, but as we found out, they do it pretty fucking well.

After nine months of burger-eating madness, I thought I was starting to hate them… But after the first bite, I remembered that burgers could be awesome! This is the classic case of a simple burger with fantastic ingredients, and that shouldn’t be so hard to find.

Another Five new places in August for 52 Weeks of Burgers

Pacifico Buns and Bowls are pretty nice looking, and they have a terrace to sit on when it’s warm and a few spots inside with a view from the street. As usual, you order it, and your order number is called for you to pick it up (the system is a bit noisy but nothing too annoying). I have to say the menu was quite refreshing; in an ocean of chili cheese and BBQ burgers that Berlin is, they have a few different things.

Burgermeister is definitely not your everyday one; most times, you will wait in line for at least half an hour, order what you want, and maybe wait for your burger for 20 minutes or more. There are no seats, just funky tubes with a bit of padding, and not so many, so you might need to fight for them; we were lucky to get a corner at a standing table with other people.

Marienburgerie is a small place in the homonymous street Marienburger Straße, with a few seats inside and some tables outside to enjoy the weather. You order by the counter, and they bring the food to your table; there are no big secrets. We were meeting some friends nearby, and why not explore what seemed like some good-looking burgers.

Burgeramt was on our radar for a while, and we got there on a hot Thursday afternoon. The place is quite extensive, but summer is still here, and the area is famous for food, so we had to wait to get a table. The decor was super busy, with many posters on the walls, and we sat close to a projector that showed popular 90s and early 2000s hip-hop videos. Service was quite lovely, and they brought you some popcorn when you sat, which was unexpected, but why not?

We got lazy around Neukölln and went to Burgerzimmer IV. Very close to the Boddinstraße U-Bahn station is one of many Burgerzimmers around the city; the place is bigger than most and looks a lot like your regular donner shop. As usual, you order your food and grab it when it’s done.

July 2019 for 52 Weeks of Burgers

At the beginning of July, we went to London for the #52weeksofburgers challenge and feasts at MeatLiquor. We heard about this place a while ago because of its peculiar decor in this post here, and Felipe tried it a few times and thought it was pretty nice, so let’s see how it goes.

I visited Burger Vision for the #52weeksofburgers challenge and discovered a very different “burger.” We were going to meet a few friends and watch a movie at Babylon, and we wanted to try something close by. We found this place and its peculiar treat: deep-fried calzone burgers!

This week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, I go to Friedrichshain to try some Asian-inspired burgers. We were going to a concert in the area, and Pan Bao Burger seemed like one of the most exciting choices around since we love some bao buns, and it was super well-rated for burgers and lobster.

The 8 Burger is relatively big and has decor that is different from usual; it is very colorful, with neon lights. You order at the counter, and they bring it for you, no fuzz.

Overall, this is a place that has reasonable prices and will kill your hunger, we would go back if we were super hungry in the area, but we would definitely not move our butts to visit again. We rate it a 6/10.

52 Weeks of Burgers reaches June 2019!

Lily Burger is famous for having completely absurd and giant burgers, but we wanted to see their basic burgers. There are two spots around the city, one in Friedrichshain and the one we went to in Neukölln; this one is quite big but still has the classic aesthetics of many burger shops here: that kind of messy urban style.

We enjoy a warm afternoon of our #52weeksofburger challenge this week in the surprising Hamburger Heaven. We decided to try this little hidden gem since Felipe had been there a long time ago and thought it was above average, and oh boy, he was right!

Hamburger Heaven is just a window to the street, with the menu printed out in the glass, many seats on the outside, and supposedly a few on the inside now; these were closed this time. But I bet they can be helpful when it’s cold and rainy.

Since we started discussing this project, many people told us that their favorite place was The Bird, and I was excited to check it out.

We made some reservations online and got there on a Saturday evening. The place is quite extensive, and there is some Motörhead playing, which is the vibe the site goes for; the menu calls you out if you order your meat well done or if you eat your burger with a fork and knife (we do agree on both things, listen to them!). 

Although the menu seemed aggressive for some, the staff was one of the nicest we had ever seen around the city.

We were in the neighborhood to run some errands, and since this whole thing is about exploring, we decided to go to a place that we never heard of, Beef Fabrik.

We could feel getting there; this venue is focused mainly on delivery. The shop is not tiny, but the direct white light and darker walls give you quite an unwelcoming feeling. Luckily for us, a few tables on the outside are pretty pleasant.

Burgers from May 2019!

I visited Barcelona for this week’s #52weeksofburgers challenge and met the surprising Bacoa Burger. When we were looking for a beautiful place to eat burgers in the Catalan city, we stumbled upon this burger chain that was super highly rated, nice looking, and spread all around the city, and that got our curiosity up and our tummies rumbling.

We found one of the many Bacoa Burgers in the city to nibble on a Monday afternoon after walking past the famous Gaudí houses in the Eixample area. All of the stores we stumbled upon were nice looking, and this was a huge one; the concept is also charming: get in, get a menu (also available in English), mark everything you want with their cute little pencils, and just hand it over, this is very well thought of, especially considering how many tourists Barcelona has.

Since this 52 Weeks of Burgers thing started, we checked with our friends about the best places to eat around Berlin, and the amazing couple that runs Canal Alemanizando told us about a place we have never heard of before called Rebel Room.

This is a small outdoor burger shop in Seestraße. You order by the window, they call your order number, and you eat happily ever after in one of the seats in front of the shop.

The Butcher seemed to have one of the most beautiful burgers we saw while researching online, with a surprisingly thick patty we had been missing for a while, so we had to check it out. We made reservations and got there on a sunny Sunday evening.

The place was much more significant and fancier than we expected. It looked like the house of that wealthy and artsy friend that you don’t want to ruin any furniture when you get drunk around.

The whole idea of the challenge was to find lovely places that nobody talked that much about, and this is what happened this time. Since we would go to an exhibition in the excellent Urban Nation museum, we decided it was time to get a burger in the area and explore the Schöne Burger since they had something entirely unexpected: beetroot fries.

This small place is painted with rainbow flags and a few places in and out. You order and get it at the counter; one guy does all the burgers and fries in front of you.

Schiller Burger is quite famous in Berlin and has excellent ratings all around, so we could not escape visiting this place. This hits most Berliner burger venue bingo: small, full of stickers on the walls, menu on a blackboard over the counter, paper towels for the messy eaters, etc.… Schiller is also very close to the entrance of the Tempelhofer Feld, one of my favorite spots to cycle around on a beautiful day.

Burgers from April 2019!

To start a new round of meaty burger places for our 52 weeks of burgers, we went to Angry Chicken, a small venue in Kreuzberg. I won’t lie to you all: this place caught my eye for the striking visual identity, the chicken wings, and the Korean food. The burgers were initially just an excuse to munch around this spot, but damn they proved themselves.

We got there on a Monday evening. The place is the classic you-order-and-you-grab-it, and it is a slightly bigger venue than most locations in Berlin, but it still has the same busy and full of stickers with street vibes as most burger venues have here. The staff was super helpful, and the food arrived quickly. We have to say the only thing that bothers me about this place is how loud the music is; even if I am a hip-hop fan, this is a bit too much.

In our 52 weeks of burger challenge this week, we visited an old friend: BBIBerlin Burger International, aka BBI, has been Fotostrasse’s favorite burger for a long time, so it was inevitable for us to visit in this crazy quest of ours.

This being the first Berliner burger place I’ve been to, it defines that concept: a small business full of stickers and bizarre decor, and the menu is on a blackboard at the counter. This is the classic eat-and-go place; you order, pay, and wait for them to yell your name so you can sit outside at wobbly tables and eat your humongous meal.

For our beautiful #52weeksofburgers challenge this week, I go to Kreuzberg and visit Windburger. Windburger seemed like the perfect place to grab a bite on a pleasant and sunny Monday afternoon, so we went there to see what it was all about!

Located very close to Görlitzer Bahnhof station, this place differs from the burger restaurants in Berlin. It is pretty big, with many tables inside and out; the walls are dark and have just a few stickers on them (hahaha!); this looks a lot like a fancier version of a fast food burger place: darker walls, beautiful tall tables, and the traditional decorative light bulbs. As usual, order on the counter and grab it when the buzzer they give you goes wild.

After a long and delicious Easter holiday, I conquered one more place for the #52weeksofburger challenge: Rembrandt BurgerHidden in a quiet street in Friedrichshain, Rembrandt is known for their exceptionally creative burgers and Dutch treats, so we had to check it out!

We arrived there around 7 pm, aka the classic German dinner time, and as expected, the venue was crowded, but there were a few seats inside and even more outside. A pretty big and beautiful place. The staff was friendly, and they came to you and got your order for a change. All of our food arrived super fast and everything at once.

Burgers from March 2019, our vegetarian month!

Our first place is known for its seitan patties and bizarre location; meet Vincent Vegan. Located on the weird East Side Mall, the store itself is in your typical food court deal: order it, wait around, and then get a table; nothing special (as expected), and I don’t know about you, but for us, this is definitely not the most excellent situation.

This is their only store in Berlin; they have two restaurants in Hamburg, but unfortunately, both of them are in malls.

Continuing our adventure with vegetarian places, this week we visit Ryong, a beautiful Asian-inspired restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg. I had never heard about Ryong before, but since we are doing the 52 Weeks Of Burgers to try new things, we couldn’t resist the peculiarity of this place that not only has vegetarian burgers and not only bao bun burgers but deep-fried bao bun vegetarian burgers!

The restaurant is charming, the decor is quite unusual but well thought out, and the lights create a cozy mood. We arrived there on a gloomy and rainy Sunday afternoon, and this was all we needed. There was no waiting or anything, and the staff was lovely, something perfect for this 52 Weeks of Burgers.

Have you ever imagined what a vegetarian butcher shop would look like? We continue our vegetarian/vegan month this week and explore the surprising Der Vegetarische Metzger for the #52weeksofburgers challenge!

The idea of Der Vegetarische Metzger (The Vegetarian Butcher in English) was always kind of funny for us and all of our friends; we would wonder if this was a super pretentious thing or if it was just a light-hearted joke, so we went to check it out by ourselves!

The last place we visited on this particular vegan/vegetarian month of the #52weeksofburgers challenge was Attila Hildmann Vegan SnackbarWe have always passed in front of this place, and a few people told us the food was lovely, so we should have tried it.

The Snackbar has two locations in Berlin: Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg, near Kottbusser Tor. The place itself is not the most inviting one on the outside, and the bright lights and loud music make it very clear that this is a place to eat and leave. We also found it funny that the area is scattered with the owner’s vegan recipe books, giving the site quite a narcissistic feel.

Burgers from February 2019

In our beautiful #52WeeksofBurgers journey this week, we decided to go local and check out Hackbert BurgerIf you search for burgers in Neukölln, you will find this place to be one of the top-rated ones, so we had to go and see what it’s all about.

Hackbert is a burger joint in the very familiar Berliner style; small things go on around the walls, a special burger of the month, a few tables inside and outside, and the menu is on a blackboard behind the counter. We got there on a grey Sunday afternoon, and it wasn’t crowded, but it definitely was full. Our orders got to us super quick.

This week of 52 weeks of burgers, I went to Prenzlauer Berg to try the second burger of February; meet Burgers Burgers. We chose Burgers Burgers because we have heard very nice things about it, and it had some very nice reviews, but as you will see, it was nothing special.

We got there on a Sunday afternoon, and the venue was very cool looking; they have a beautiful ceiling and, again, your typical Berlin burger joint: small, a few seats, you order, and you grab it later, the menu is on the walls, you know the drill.

I went to Prenzlauer Berg to try some fancy burgers at Grindhouse Burger for our indulging #52weeksofburger challenge.

Grindhouse Burger was the chosen one this week, based on a fascinating analysis of their menu I did, as an attempt to spoil ourselves with a nice meal after two slightly unsuccessful weeks of the challenge.

This was the first of all the places we made reservations; we got there on a Sunday afternoon with a party of 8 people, so we didn’t want to wait long before reaching our bellies complete. I don’t know about you, but I am a phone hater, so the online reservations were a plus.

On the last week of February, we went to Budapest and ate some burgers for our delightful #52weeksofburger challenge. 

When we started to look for burgers there, we decided it would be nice to go to a less touristic venue, so as my research showed, Pesti Burger was the perfect spot for our weekly munchies.

Pesti Burger is hidden in the middle of a block, close to some high schools and unis, and that is mainly their target audience. We arrived on a Tuesday around noon; the place looked nice and clean, not as fast food as Google pictures show. We could choose a place to sit comfortably and the staff is super friendly (and speaks English, in case you are worried about your Hungarian skills).

Burgers from January 2019

Shiso burger caught our eye for the Asian-inspired burgers for this 52 Weeks of Burgers; this lovely little place in Mitte is excellent if you want to get away from the traditional options and have a lot of flavors. It was how we started our 52 weeks of burgers.

We got to Shiso Burger on a Saturday afternoon and sat down right away; service in this place is outstanding and super fast, even wholly crowded. The site has a modern vibe; the many drawings hanging on the wall and the slightly loud music make it feel very young. This might not be it if you are looking for a place to enjoy a few hours of eating, chatting, and stuff, mainly because the tables are very close.

In the corner of Motzstraße, surrounded by fetish stores in Schoneberg, you will find the burger of the week: Zsa Zsa Burger. We decided to visit this place since it was one of Felipe’s favorites; it seemed cozy enough for the stormy winter we are having in Berlin, and well, what a fantastic choice.

Zsa Zsa Burger is what I would describe as a grown-up burger place; it is beautifully decorated without overdoing it, the menu is focused on high-quality ingredients, and the service is excellent. The music was terrific, and the place was inviting to stay for a while, chat, and have a few drinks.

They have many burger options here; they all sound delicious and come with a 200gr patty, and you can choose between whole wheat bread or sourdough. With the help of the staff, I decided on the Bronx Burger (€13,10): sourdough bun, Swiss raclette cheese, and sautéed mushrooms.

Mixtape Burger stands out using bagels instead of your usual burger bun, so we went on a lovely sunny Sunday to see what it was all about. We got third place in our 52 Weeks of Burgers!

Besides the whole bagel thing, Mixtape Burger stands out by the different combinations of meat and sauces. On one side, you have the West Coast menu: 100% beef patties and a sweeter cocktail-barbecue sauce, and on the other side (well, literally), we have the East Coast menu: 90% beef and 10% lamb, with a refreshing yogurt-honey-mustard based sauce.

In the fourth week of the #52WeeksOfBurgers challenge, we went to the Netherlands and feasted at the Hamburg Rotterdam. When researching where to go for our last burger of January, we ran into Hamburg. It seemed like it would fit all we loved, and were not disappointed.

Going up some comic book-esque decorated stairs, we found this fun-looking place; we got there right as they opened on a Saturday, so needless to say, we got to sit fast, and the staff was super friendly and chatted with us in between orders, service here was fantastic and super fast. Everything has beautiful decor, and they have the most incredible staff T-shirts, and we regret not taking one home.

52 Weeks of Burgers

We decided to take on this crazy challenge called #52WeeksofBurgers in 2019. Instead of the usual New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, we went all in for burgers! Our plan was simple: try a different burger joint every week and share our thoughts about them.

We went everywhere throughout 2019, trying burgers from fancy spots to local dives. Each week was like a new food adventure, exploring the world of burgers in all its delicious glory. We didn’t just stuff our faces; we dove deep into what made each burger special – the toppings, the sauces, the buns – all the good stuff!

This blog turned into a burger diary where we spilled the beans on our favorite finds and the awesome vibes of each place. We geeked out about how burgers were put together, discussing the art behind the perfect combo of ingredients.

This challenge wasn’t just about us; it was also a chance for fellow burger fans to jump in. We shared our experiences, ranked our top picks, and asked for suggestions from our readers. It was like a two-way chat; what you said mattered and influenced where we went.

So, on this blog, we’re not just telling our burger stories – we want you to be part of it too. Dive into the burger world, discover the hidden gems, and share your suggestions. Whether you’re a hardcore burger fan or just passing by, we’d love to hear from you.

The #52WeeksofBurgers challenge was like a wild ride, and we want you to join us. Every bite has a story; every week is a new chapter in our burger love affair. So, let’s roll together on this tasty journey!