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Berlin Street Art Museum: Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

Berlin is a rich city when it comes to graffiti and street art and it is only fitting to see that it will host the first museum dedicated to this art form in Germany. Called Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, it will open it’s doors in 2017 in Schöneberg as the Berlin Street Art Museum and we know it’s going to be an interesting place.

I still remember how cool I thought Berlin looked like when I first came here in the middle of 2011. I remember walking along the Kreuzberg streets, taking pictures of everything that looked remotely cool. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t something I was doing alone. Berlin has a tradition of street art that could point out to how West Berlin used to paint the Berlin Wall. But it isn’t only that. The fact that Berlin had a lot of empty and abandoned buildings makes it perfect for those who want to cover walls and show their art to the world.

Berlin Street Art Museum: The First one in Germany

Urban Nation has been working on this museum since 2013 and it will be the first non commercial and independent home for urban contemporary art. Urban contemporary art seems to be the artsy term for graffiti, stencil and street art in general. Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art will open in 2017 as a open space for research, debates and creative dialogue. It will also features workshops, exhibitions and a lot more in the middle of Berlin.

This new museum will be located at Bülowstraße 7 in Berlin Schöneberg and carries the motto of “Connect. Create. Care.”. If you are wondering what will be shown in this new museum, the answer is easy. The centrepiece of the Berlin Street art museum will the unique and amazing Urban Nation collection that has been going over an extensive curation for the last three years.

You can learn more about the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art here.

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