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My Essential Bike Accessories #BerlinByBike

A Guide to Cycle in Berlin
My Essential Bike



Every time I meet somebody that just moved to Berlin, I ask them about buying a bike. I only do this because I consider that Berlin is a better city when you see it by bike. And it is even better when you can cycle through it with some of what I consider my essential bike accessories. Yes, I have a list of those.

But before I dive into those, I have to talk more about cycling in Berlin. If you are new here, there is even a whole article about it here and you should take a look at well. Back again to bikes. Berlin needs to be seen by bike. It is a city filled with bike lanes that makes cycling around easy. There are no mountains and the hill you will have to climb are not a big problem. And you can always use your bike to avoid the weird smells that exists during the summer time in the subway.

Every time I meet somebody that just moved to Berlin, I ask them about buying a bike. And it is even better when you can cycle through it with some of what I consider my essential bike accessories. Yes, I have a list of those.

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Above you can see my bike. There are many like it but this one is mine. Or something like that since I bought this on for Marcela back in August 2013 after the one she had was stolen. She always wanted a bike like this and I got her one. Too bad she really didn’t like the way you have to cycle on it and, kind of, gave up cycling for a while.

One day, a few months later, I saw that cool looking bike standing in a corner and decided to take it on the road to see if I like the bike more than her. This was in September 2014 and I have been using it daily since then. But, of course, I believe that my essential bike accessories make my bike even better.

Below are my essential bike accessories

Onetigris Waist Pack

The first of my essential bike accessories is my trustworthy companion, my bag. The one that I carry around with my bag doesn’t seem to be designed for what I do with it but… It simply works. That is the beauty of the Onetigris Waist Pack I carry around. It has so many ways of wearing it and carrying around that you can even think about new ways of using it.

On my day to day life, I often find myself carrying it attached to my handle bar. It lays there with my iPad, some notebooks, some bike tools and a lot of small things I carry to work everyday. It stays stable on that position and it works really fine for everything I carry everyday. Sometimes, during the weekend, I remove the notebooks and the iPad and some cameras to it and it works as good as before.

If you are looking for something multi functional that can be used either on your bike or as a proper small bag, this one from Onetigris is the one to get.

The second essential bike accessories I’m going to talk about is my Selle Royal bike saddle. For most people, a saddle is an essential item but since I replaced the one that came with my bike for something else way better: Selle Royal Tattoo Series.

Besides the fact that it’s more than comfortable, it also looks amazing. The one that I got was designed by an Italian illustrator called Hikimi and it mixes three loves of mine: design, cycling and sci-fi. What else can I expect from it? Marcela has one Selle Royal Tattoo series but she has the one illustrated by the spanish duo known as Brosmind. Those two brothers have some weird style and it matches really well with the saddle.

So, if you are tired of the way your saddle looks like and you want something cooler, you know that you must get the Tattoo series from Selle Royal. If you don’t care about style, their saddles are really comfortable and durable and you should consider getting one because of that as well.

Selle Royal Tattoo Series

Aukey SK-M4
Mini IPX4

The third essential bike accessories that I have to tell you about is my bluetooth boombox that I carry around with me everywhere I go. The one I have is the Aukey SK-M4 and it is more than amazing.

From the weird tire visual it has to how easy it is to connect to my iPhone to the fact that it handles rain better than my clothes. It sure is an essential bike accessory to Berlin if you like taking long bike rides and cannot stand the noise from the city.

I could have chosen a set of headphones but I hate them for a few reasons. The main ones is that those are illegal according to German Bicycle Laws and you can get a fine for cycling with anything on your ears that might compromise your hearing.

If you wanna cycle through Berlin while you listen to some nice music, get one of those from Aukey. They’re cheap, they are rugged, their sound is great and they’re not illegal. What else do you want?

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These are my essential bike accessories but, as you can see on the pictures above, I also carry around my Sony Action Camera a lot. I wouldn’t consider it an essential item but I have a lot of fun with it since I really enjoy taking pictures of my bike rides. You should get one as well!

So, these are my essential bike accessories and, if you want to ask any questions about those, do it in the comments below. If you feel like we should get one of yours essential bike accessories, leave us a tip below!

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