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FTRC.BLOG / Editorial / From Fotostrasse to Frame Travel Roam Capture: Eleven Years of Adventure

From Fotostrasse to Frame Travel Roam Capture: Eleven Years of Adventure

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Before Frame Travel Roam Capture, I wrote for another blog called Fotostrasse. That’s where I started sharing my experiences in Berlin and my adventures around the city.

Fotostrasse began as a blog by me and my ex-wife. We thought sharing our experiences in Germany with friends visiting us in Neukölln would be helpful. We noticed many were going to the same typical places, which didn’t capture the real vibe of the city.

Our initial idea was to create a photography meetup. Today, January 27th marks eleven years since our first Fotostrasse gathering. I wanted to share my travel blogger story with you.

How Fotostrasse started out in 2013

In my first year in Berlin, while doing freelance design work for Brazil, I explored the city on Friday afternoons due to the time zone difference. I’d walk around different areas, sometimes taking the subway to explore the city from different angles.

Talking to Marcela about these walks, we decided bringing people to these fantastic places would be cool. Our first meetup wasn’t as planned – a snowy Sunday in January 2013 at Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg. Few friends showed up, but I decided to continue with the photo walk, enjoying the sights of Kreuzberg Hill.

From there, we organized monthly photo walks throughout 2013. However, it became challenging, so we shifted our focus to a blog.

In early 2014, my friend André from Viagem Criativa suggested applying to be a blogger at the opening ceremony for Umeå as Cultural Capital of Europe. It was Fotostrasse’s first blog trip, with many more to come.

Since that first trip, I have been traveling around Europe non-stop. Sometimes, I even wonder if I would be able to visit some of these places if it wasn’t for this travel blog. All these years of writing about travel, places, and photography opened up something different inside my brain, and I’m glad it did since it helped me see the world differently.

In July 2023, Fotostrasse shut down. Social media accounts went dark, and the blog followed suit. In December 2023, Frame Travel Roam Capture was born after months of work with my friend Pedro Villalobos.

fotostrasse #1 - Viktoriapark

When Fotostrasse ended, some suggested continuing as a YouTube channel, TikTok, or Instagram. After years as a travel blogger, I felt the need to own my piece of the internet. That’s why I started this new blog.

There’s still much work here. Every day, I revisit old articles, fixing leftover code. One day, this work may be done. For now, I celebrate these eleven years and think about what I can do better in the future.

Let’s see what the future holds for Frame Travel Roam Capture and me.

From Fotostrasse to Frame Travel Roam Capture: Eleven Years of Adventure

Felipe Tofani

Felipe Tofani

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