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Herrankukkaro: Your Finnish Winter Adventure Awaits

Herrankukkaro used to be a fisherman’s homestead complex near Turku, where we spent the night during the NBE Finland program. The area could be the perfect location for a horror movie or a family trip; it all depends on how you see it. We chose the fun family movie, and we enjoyed every moment we were there.

We arrived there during a stormy night, and it felt like we were going a few decades into time. We looked around and saw wood houses and nature.

We were surrounded by the beauty of the Finnish archipelago, even though we couldn’t see much of it. It felt like we were getting to know the roots and values of this area of Finland, and we can say it felt good.

What is Herrankukkaro?

Herrankukkaro, literally translated as Lord’s Purse, is unique. What used to be a fisherman’scomplex among 41,000 islands on Rymättylä in Naantali became a place for recreation, conferences, and instructional courses. Easily reachable from Turku in 30 minutes, Herrankukkaro is a place you should visit near the southwestern Finnish archipelago.

This feeling of being back in time got even stronger once our guide there, Oskari, decided to show us the flavors of the fish in an open fire. While we made a mess trying to learn how to cook using a stick on the open fire, he told us about cooking fish in the old traditions from this Fisherman’s homestead.

You can find everything in Fisherman’s, from cold-smoked to broiled to ember-roasted. Koivuniemen Janne’s buffet table has different kinds of fish known throughout the archipelago. We ate there, and you need to do it as well.

What can you do at Herrankukkaro?

Like everywhere in Finland, Herrankukkaro likes to take the sauna seriously, and there, we had our first winter sauna experience during the NBE Finland days. We did that in the world’s largest smoke sauworld’sch that fits up to 124 people simultaneously.

That sauna is big, but it was too dark for good pictures. Following the winter sauna traditions, we were supposed to jump into the cold water, but… We didn’t jump into the didn’t due to the stormy night, but walking around with snow between our toes felt different enough for that point.

Our only night in Herrankukkaro felt even more special once we realized where we would sleep. We were on a boat—like that The Lonely Island song—and it was great to watch the stormy skies surrounding us in our bedroom. It was even better once we woke up to clear skies the next day. If you don’t like sleeping inside, don’t worry.

The Beauty of Herrankukkaro

At Herrankukkaro, you can sleep in one of the many idyllic cottages scattered around the area. Or you can go a little crazy and try the luxury birdhouse! We would love to try that next time we are there.

Next time we are at Herrankukkaro, we know we have to try some of their many activities there. We were curious to try out the boat trip to where bootleggers used to hide alcohol during the Finnish Prohibition. And they have a lot more than that. From archery to skiing, they have something for anybody who likes outdoor activities.

Whether during the summer or the winter, Herrankukkaro is ready for any kind of weather. Its year-round availability is really important because Herrankukkaro is also used for conferences and meetings. They have nice conference rooms that can accommodate up to 240 people and have everything you might need to host your talk: high-speed internet connections and video projectors.

But the best thing about having a conference at Herrankukkaro must be the breaks from work in the surrounding nature.

Herrankukkaro: Where Family Fun and Haunting Beauty Meet

Reaching Herrankukkaro from Turku and Helsinki is easy, and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes from Turku. The Herrankukkaro area is only open by advanced booking, and you need to contact them if you want to explore this beautiful place.

Call Karioskari Kangas aka Oskari; he told us to call and tell him you learned about Herrankukkaro here. He is the guy in the picture below and a fantastic host. Ask him questions about the place, and you will learn everything you can about this incredible place.

The Fisherman’s Haven: Our Herrankukkaro Winter Adventure

Luotojentie 245, 21140
Naantali Rymättylä – Finland

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