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A Visit to the Ruined Bunkers in Wunsdorf

It was the end of April when we went to Zossen to see the Wunsdorf Bunkers. I came across these bunkers while I read Berlin: The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor and decided it would be a good place to spend an afternoon.
After some research, I realized that the place is now a museum and you can book bunker tours and this is what we ended up doing. Wunsdorf is a quite unique location since there isn’t any other place where a german kaiser, Hitler, and the soviet military left their mark.

Berlin – A City Scarred

Berlin was the largest and most important city in Germany when the Second World War started in 1939. And this city payed the price for being the Reich’s Capital and, in a lot of ways, it still remembers what happened in 1945 in its streets and buildings. When we moved to Berlin back in 2012, we did not think we’d see so many scars of a war that happened so many years ago. Now i know how wrong we were. It is not hard to see buildings with bullet holes from a war that happened over 70 years ago. More recent are the permanent scars of a wall that cut the city in two and that can be seen throughout the city.

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