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Back on July 30, 1936, Flugplatz Rangsdorf was opened to the public as Reichsport airport Rangsdorf. It was the eve of the Summer Olympics of 1936, and the location was used for the International Aerobatic Competition for the Prize of Nations. After that, the area was used by civilians and military forces but, mostly it was a place where pilots learned how to fly.

Exploring the Abandoned Flugplatz Rangsdorf Close to Berlin

If you manage to walk into the abandoned Flugplatz Rangsdorf, you will never suspect what the place used to be and how much history happened there. It was here that Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg landed after trying to kill Hitler back in 1944 and this is why we took our cameras to explore this abandoned airport ten kilometers south of Berlin city limits.

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