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América and Avaí at Arena Independência

América and Avaí at Arena Independência

Estádio Raimundo Sampaio is the official name but I never heard this name before. Everybody calls this football stadium by its nickname: Independência. But, I don’t believe most people know how it got its nickname and the history behind the second biggest football stadium in Belo Horizonte.

Sometimes people ask me where I come from and when I say Belo Horizonte, most people have a blank stare in their face. Normally, I say that Belo Horizonte is Sepultura’s hometown since it is the biggest thing that came out of the city, in my opinion. Since the World Cup in 2014, sometimes, I describe Belo Horizonte as the place where Germany destroyed Brazil with that 7×1 that is still stuck in my head as a brazilian living in Germany. But, lets forget about that game for a while.

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