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Fotostrasse was in Aland and we tried our best to travel all around the islands. This list is filled with the things you need to to in Åland

We went to Lappo to play Frisbee Golf

Lappo is an island in the southern part of Brändö, Åland’s easternmost municipality. A little more than 30 people call this island home during the entire year and you can see proof of this on the empty streets we cycled around.

Lappo covers something like 8 square kilometers and a big part of it is dedicated to the only Frisbee Golf Course in Åland. We went to Lappo to play Frisbee Golf, but it didn’t go as well as we thought it would.

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América and Avaí at Arena Independência

América and Avaí at Arena Independência

Estádio Raimundo Sampaio is the official name but I never heard this name before. Everybody calls this football stadium by its nickname: Independência. But, I don’t believe most people know how it got its nickname and the history behind the second biggest football stadium in Belo Horizonte.

Sometimes people ask me where I come from and when I say Belo Horizonte, most people have a blank stare in their face. Normally, I say that Belo Horizonte is Sepultura’s hometown since it is the biggest thing that came out of the city, in my opinion. Since the World Cup in 2014, sometimes, I describe Belo Horizonte as the place where Germany destroyed Brazil with that 7×1 that is still stuck in my head as a brazilian living in Germany. But, lets forget about that game for a while.

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