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what we learned

We called this place the Abandoned Hospital in Neukölln but its official name is Krankenhaus Mariendorfer Weg. The complex of hospitals for childrens and women was built in parts,the first one was back in 1917, then it was expanded in 1969 and a new building for premature babies was built in 1978.

Living in Berlin: 25 things We Learned in our 1000 Days

You know when an important date comes, you get all emotional, and you start thinking about everything that happens? This post is about this. We have been living in Berlin for a thousand days now, and it’s time to think about all these days we spent in this beautiful city we like to call home.

It is kind of weird to think that 1000 days ago, we were arriving in our little-rented apartment on Warschauer Strasse thinking about how it would be to live in Berlin. Little did we know how unprepared we were for the move we decided to make together.

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