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Where to Stay in Kaliningrad, Russia

Before I decided to go to Kaliningrad in October 2017, I did a lot of research about the places I wanted to see and where I could stay. Finding the tourist spots and the unusual places I like to visit was straightforward and simple. But, finding where to stay in Kaliningrad was more complicated than I was expecting. Maybe, it’s because this small piece of Russia between Lithuania and Poland is not known as a tourist destination. Perhaps it’s something else.

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Either way, most of the websites from hotels are only in Russian and don’t tell you much about the hotel itself. Sometimes you have to search for the name of the place in different websites and go looking for information about them in a way that makes sense to you. Which, quite often, it’s not the case.

Because it was such a weird experience, I decided to put together this small list of hotels where to stay in Kaliningrad. And, first, I will start with the hostel where I spend a couple of days while I explored the city in 2017.

Hostel Suffix is the cheap location for couples in Kaliningrad

I read some reviews of Hostel Suffix before I booked my stay there but none of them told me how big are the rooms there. I believe it’s because this is a newish hostel and there isn’t much written about it online. But I’m here to change this with this simple review of Hostel Suffix.

Hostel Suffix is located close to the World Ocean Museum, less than 10 minutes walking, and Königsberg Cathedral is not that far away from it as well. There are supermarkets, banks and most of the things you might need are around the hostel.

Based on the low price, I decided to get a double room with a private bathroom for me, and I think I didn’t pay more than 12€ a day on it. And, in the place, I had two large beds to choose from, a couch that was where I watched some Russian shows on a big screen tv, a clean bathroom with a great shower and a small table where I was editing most of the pictures I took while I was there.

There was fast wi-fi everywhere in the hostel, and every question I had about Kaliningrad was answered by the people in the reception with a smile. Everybody spoke excellent English and were friendly towards my silly questions.

Whenever I am back in Kaliningrad, I’m pretty sure I will spend my time at Hostel Suffix. It’s the natural choice for me.

Skipper Hotel is the location with a view!

When you visit the Königsberg Cathedral and Kant’s Grave, if you look to the other side of the Pregol river, you will see a building that looks like a lighthouse. That is the Skipper Hotel, one of the best-rated locations in Kaliningrad at

There you will have fabulous views of the river into the Kneiphof Island, a beautiful and comfortable room with flat screen tv, wi-fi and it seems like everybody there speaks English. If I weren’t traveling by myself, this would be the hotel to stay.

Stay in the heart of the city at Radisson Blu Hotel Kaliningrad.

Located in the best part of the city, Radisson Blu Hotel Kaliningrad is the most complete hotel that you will find in this list of places to stay in Kaliningrad. There are shopping malls, restaurants and bars like the Yeltsin around it. But the main sight is the Orthodox Church in front of it.

Inside the hotel, you will find great rooms with air conditioning and minibars. There are also large screen TVs, and most rooms have a Nespresso machine. Based on what I saw at, this is the place most of my friends would like to stay if money wasn’t a problem.

Kaliningrad Hotel is the Central option in Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad Hotel is one of the classic hotels in the city. It overlooks Kant Island and where the Königsberg Castle used to be. So, the location here is the highlight of this hotel since it has easy access to Leninsky Prospekt where you will find everything you might need.

Their modern rooms are big and are equipped with satellite TVs, there is free parking at the hotel, and you can try Russian, Japanese and European cuisine on both of the restaurants at the hotel.

Between the River and the City Center, Ibis Kaliningrad Center

If you have ever stayed in an Ibis hotel before, you know what to expect. This is the reason why I didn’t want to stay at Ibis Kaliningrad Center even though the price and location were more than fair.

But, if you are reading this and considering staying there, you will be making an excellent decision. Ibis Kaliningrad Center is located pretty close to Kant Island, on the other side of where you can find the Skipper Hotel. From there, you can take Leninsky Prospekt and explore the city.

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All the options Where to Stay in Kaliningrad are on the Map above

When you are in Kaliningrad, don’t forget to visit the Brandenburger Tor in the south part of the city and take a look at the House of the Soviets in the middle of the town.

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