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A Wrocław Dwarf’s Berlin Adventure: Zyczliwek and the Former Town Hall

Discover the charm of Wrocław in Berlin with “Życzliwek,” the friendly Wrocław dwarf who has found a new home at the former town hall of Friedenau. Immerse yourself in Polish culture as you encounter this endearing character who is here to stay, bridging the gap between two vibrant cities.

A Wrocław dwarf has stood at the former town hall of Friedenau since 2019. His name is “Życzliwek,” he speaks Polish and wants to stay in Berlin forever.

The good-hearted one,” his Polish parents called him. He came from Wrocław on the Culture Train and is the first “Wrocław Dwarf” in the German capital.

But there are many more in Wrocław, and we tried to catch them all when we visited the city in 2015. We only found a Wrocław Dwarf in 2023 and knew we had to write a short article about it.

The Only Wrocław Dwarf in Berlin

Życzliwek was cast in bronze and is only 30 centimeters tall; it now stands as a tourist attraction at the entry of the former Friedenau town hall. It’s easy to spot the dwarf, and when we were there, we saw people sunbathing and having ice creams around Życzliwek.

Życzliwek is a gift from Wrocław to Berlin, symbolizing the long-standing cooperation between Berlin and Wrocław.

And, for those who aren’t aware, the square where the dwarf can be found is Breslauer Platz, which carries the German name for the city of Wrocław. The town changed names after the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War, and it was placed inside the borders of a newly formed Poland. This is why Życzliwek was placed there.

Życzliwek has many brothers at home—more than 300 of them. The people of Wrocław see protective spirits and friendly helpers in them. You can find them in almost every corner of the city. Some light a cigarette, lift a ball, squat on the window sill, dance along lampposts, climb up facades, or almost fall into the river.

The Wrocław Dwarfs go back to the political opposition movement Orange Alternative. During the 1980s, they criticized the communist government in Poland with spontaneous actions, such as demonstrations in dwarf costumes.

In Germany, apart from Friedenau, the Wrocław dwarf is only found in Dresden. And we need to return to Dresden and see this little dwarf statue in town.

If you want to find the only Wrocław Dwarf in Berlin, follow the map below and head to the Ehemaliges Rathaus Friedenau on Breslauer Platz. You must go up the stairs next to the front door and find Życzliwek there. It’s easy to find it with the help of our pictures here.

And don’t forget to check out our article about the Wroclaw Dwarves so you can try to catch them all whenever you visit Wroclaw. 

Zyczliwek: The Only Wrocław Dwarf in Berlin

Rheinstraße 1-2, 12159 Berlin

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