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Abandoned Berlin, a documentary about Urban Exploration

The man behind Abandoned Berlin took Jordi Busquets exploring some of Berlin’s most popular urban exploration locations. All of this for his documentary about urban in Berlin that is, also, called Abandoned Berlin.

Ciarán Fahey is an amazing guy and the author of Abandoned Berlin, the holy grail of urban here in Berlin. We already talked about his book here and this video on twitter, but we didn’t post about it here so we decided to change this today.

We have been doing Urban Exploration in Berlin, pretty much, since we moved to the city back in early 2012 and we might have to blame Abandoned Berlin for a part of it. But, at least here in the german capital, it seems that this is becoming a popular hobby. We blame it on the decaying beauty of those buildings and the amazing histories that you dig about all these great places.

On the video, you will hear Ciarán Fahey talking about how he got into Urban Exploration and his first adventure at Spreepark a couple of years ago. If you want to learn more about him and his adventures in Berlin, you have to read the interview we did with him about his book.

But the video is not only about this. There you will explore Germany’s first airfield, Flugplatz Johannistal; the Zombie Hospital, Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee; the abandoned amusement park from de DDR, Spreepark; the former NSA listening station, Teufelsberg; and Tempelhof Airport, the airport that become a park and that we often have barbecues there.

Berlin has a lot of spaces open for Urban Exploration and we did our fair share of exploring here. If you feel inspired after watching Abandoned Berlin, you should take a look at all the places we explored here in Berlin and, maybe, you can try it yourself.

Felipe Tofani

Felipe Tofani

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