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Our Stay at the Carlton Ambassador in The Hague

Hidden among green streets in the heart of The Hague, this is where you will find the fantastic Carlton Ambassador. Surrounded by gorgeous historical buildings and shopping streets that offer antiques, boutiques and a huge variety of bars and restaurants, this is where you find the best place to spend your days in The Hague, Carlton Ambassador.

We arrived in The Hague after a weekend exploring Rotterdam. It all happened on a wet Sunday evening but, inside the Carlton Ambassador, everything was perfect. From the decorated hallways that mix contemporary design with an antique décor to the high ceiling in the room where we stayed, this is the best place to stay and discover the treasures hidden in this great city in the Netherlands.

Inside the Carlton Ambassador in The Hague

Inside the Carlton Ambassador, you will find 88 rooms and suites that are designed in its own unique way. Before you book your room, you have to choose between four options: Superior, Classic, Royal and Residence. It might be hard to choose between so many great choices, but I’m here to help you out and make it easy for you to enjoy The Hague in the best way possible.

The Superior Room at Carlton Ambassador is perfect for those who are in town for a short stay. They have everything you might need to feel comfortable while in The Hague! The Classic Room is focused on comfort in every level: from working to sleeping. The rooms are designed with a mixture of classical and contemporary styles and even come with a working space! The Royal rooms are something different, something more. There you will be able to enjoy the space and luxury of the room while bathed in natural daylight. This is the room you book for a special day that deserves a unique ambiance.

Finally, we have to say some words about the Residence room at the Carlton Ambassador. This is where we spent two nights in The Hague and, while we were editing the pictures here, we fell more in love with this magnificent place in the Netherlands. But what makes these rooms so unique? You might be asking yourself this now, and we are here for you.

There are nine Residence rooms at the Carlton Ambassador, and they’re the crown jewel of the hotel. The rooms are elegant and luxurious and have many design features that are original to this historic building. Each room tells a unique story and comes with its own character. The one we spent the night had a gorgeous fireplace with blue tiles whose design could be seen reflected in the room decoration.

For me, the highlight of the room was the bathroom and the bed. First, because it’s enormous and located inside the room, in a glass box. And, second, because the rain shower was the reason why I could relax and explore The Hague. You need to try it out for sure. The bed was the best bed we ever slept on, it doesn’t matter if you are in the city for work or fun, this bed hugs you in the end of a long day and will recharge you 100% for whatever you are up to in Den Haag.

Also, the breakfast we had there was exactly what we needed before taking our cameras around the city.

Why should you visit The Hague?

Since I moved to Berlin in early 2012, I have traveled to Eastern Europe more than I thought I would. From Kaliningrad to Ukraine, I have something with that part of Europe. But, every time that I go to the opposite side of Europe, I wonder why didn’t I go there before. It might sound confusing to anyone reading this but… This is what goes on inside my head.

The Hague was a surprise to me. A city that I only knew due to be home to U.N.’s International Court of Justice. But Hague is way more than this. It has a gorgeous mixture of old and new architecture, a lot of cultural events and canals that will make you feel like you are walking in Amsterdam, without all the tourists.

When I first stepped outside the Carlton Ambassador after a fantastic night there, the sun was shining in The Hague, and I wanted to see everything this city had to offer. The first thing I did was to explore the beautiful streets filled with charming shops on my way to Hofvijver, a small lake in the middle of the city. I managed to find some time to visit the M.C. Escher museum and the Panorama Mesdag, but I still need to find some time to write about these places.

The Carlton Ambassador in The Hague is the best place for you to stay. The bedrooms are amazing with its rain shower and comfortable beds. Its location is more than perfect, and the beauty of the building is a plus for those who love architecture as we do.

Our Stay at the Carlton Ambassador in The Hague

Sophialaan 2 – 2514 JP The Hague
The Netherlands

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