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Our Stay at Maverick City Lodge in Budapest

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish place to stay in Budapest, we have the right place for you: Maverick City Lodge. This design hostel has many of the luxury amenities you would have on a hotel but with all the social elements and price of a hostel. And this is why we decided to stay there on our last trip to Budapest!

Budapest is one of the best destinations for budget travelers since the city is one of the cheapest large cities in Europe and one of the most interesting ones. Because of that, there are many options for those who are traveling on a budget, but none of them are as good as the Maverick City Lodge Hostel.

We spent 4 days in Budapest in February 2019, and we loved our time at Maverick City Lodge Hostel. Our room was huge, the place was stylish, and the location was everything we were looking for. So, let’s start talking about every detail.

Location, location, location. Whenever we travel somewhere, we learned that the best thing to look for is where are you going to stay in the city. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little bit more and stay in a central part of the town than to save money and waste a lot of time by staying far away.

This is not a problem that you have at Maverick City Lodge. Centrally located in the Jewish district in Budapest, a few blocks away from the Synagogue and in the middle of a lot of great shops and restaurants and the famous Szimpla Kert, the best ruin bar in the city. The street itself isn’t remarkable in any way, but it’s so well located that you will love it there. It’s a few blocks away from the subway and in the middle of everything you’ll want to see in Budapest. From parties to bars, from clubs to even more bars!

But, if you’re one of those that always have a prejudice against hostels, we’re here to tell you that Maverick City Lodge is something else. This hostel is colorful, spacious and stylish without trying too hard. And we loved how they use typography on the walls to tell you where to go and where you are.

Now, it’s time to talk about our huge room at Maverick City Lodge Hostel

The room we stayed at Maverick City Lodge was made for a family or for a large group of friends traveling together. There were two floors: the ground one with a large bed and a single bed next to it and a second floor with two other single beds that could be reached by some stairs. This was beyond we expected and quite a surprise when we opened the door and realized it.

Our bed was great, we had all the space we needed and more. The only issue we had was with the bathroom since our shower could be somewhat stronger! All the rooms have air conditioning which is impressive since the temperature in Budapest during summer can be quite high.

If you want to know more about the other rooms available at Maverick City Lodge, you have to check out their website. We only write about our experience there.

What else? Everybody we met from the staff was terrific and friendly, and we wished there were people like this everywhere we ever stayed. The facilities were excellent as well, and there is free wi-fi across the building even though it can be a little bit slow from time to time, but we blame the number of people trying to use it at the same time.

In the end, our time at Maverick City Lodge Hostel was great, and you should stay there too. Room prices change from low to the high season, but the value for money is still great! And the larger private rooms are perfect for families traveling!

Our Stay at Maverick City Lodge Hostel in Budapest

Budapest, Kazinczy u. 24, 1075 Hungary
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