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Marzahn Windmill: A Delightful Journey into Berlin-Marzahn’s Past

If you’re looking for a unique historical attraction in Berlin-Marzahn, take advantage of the Marzahn Windmill. The windmill was built in 1994 as a replica of the original 1815 Bockwindmühle; this charming landmark offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich milling history.

We were in Marzahn to explore this iconic structure in March 2021. We took our cameras to the area to look at the Balancierende Figuren and a winter view of the Garten der Welt.

Since we were in the area and love windmills, we thought we had to explore another place. This is why we crossed Berlin to visit the Marzahn Windmill.

Marzahn’s Flour-Grinding Legacy

In the early days of Marzahn, settlers had to travel to neighboring towns to have their grain ground. Frustrated by this inconvenience, the Palatinate colonists demanded the construction of their own mill, which was finally realized in 1815. After changing hands many times, the original mill was unfortunately demolished in 1978 during Marzahn’s redevelopment.

Yet, thanks to the dedication of local enthusiasts, the Marzahn Windmill was resurrected in 1994 as a faithful replica of the village’s first mill.

But the journey to rebuild the Marzahn Windmill was challenging. The replica mill was constructed between November 1993 and May 1994, capturing the essence of the original structure. Finally, on May 12, 1994, the Marzahn Windmill was inaugurated, marking a significant milestone for the community.

Experiencing the Marzahn Windmill today

Visitors to the Marzahn Windmill are in for a treat. With a blade diameter of 20.5 meters and a weight of 45 tons, this impressive windmill is a proud testament to traditional craftsmanship.

Inside, the grinding system, with its gears, crushers, classifiers, elevators, and suction filters, showcases the mechanics behind turning grain into flour. Registered groups can witness the milling process and buy baked bread made from the mill’s flour, available on-site and in select Berlin organic shops.

Beyond its historical significance, the Marzahn Windmill has become a beloved cultural gem. It hosts regular activities and participates in the annual German Mill Day. Additionally, the mill serves as a picturesque wedding venue, allowing couples to exchange vows in a romantic setting.

The ceremonies are often followed by a delightful feast, creating cherished memories for newlyweds and their guests.

Thanks to the dedication of the mill association, the Marzahn Windmill has been lovingly maintained and restored over the years. In 2006, a tornado damaged one of the mill’s wings, but with generous donations, repairs were completed.

The association has also created a millstone garden and a permanent exhibition on the history of Marzahn mills and wind power plants, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of this fascinating industry.

The Marzahn Windmill is a testament to Marzahn’s milling heritage and offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. And we all loved seeing it for the first time.

Follow the map below and visit this piece of history in Marzahn.

Marzahn Windmill: A Delightful Journey into Berlin-Marzahn’s Past

Alt-Marzahn 63
12685 Berlin

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