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Pesti Burger: Smoked Burgers in Budapest

On the last week of February, we went to Budapest and ate some burgers for our delightful #52weeksofburger challenge. When we started to look for burgers there, we decided it would be nice to go to a less touristic venue, so as my research showed and as the staff from Maverick City Lodge confirmed, Pesti Burger was the perfect spot for our weekly munchies.

Pesti Burger is hidden in the middle of a block, close to some high schools and unis, and that is mainly their target audience. We got there on a Tuesday around noon; the place looks very nice and clean, not as fast food like as google pictures show. We could choose a place to sit comfortably and the staff is super friendly (and speak English, in case you are worried about your Hungarian skills).

I ordered the Smoked Burger (2990HUF ≈ €9,46) with the great smoked patty, grilled tomatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños stuffed with goats cheese, salad, aioli, onion jam, and a deliciously toasted bun. This burger was terrific, the smokiness of the meat was not overwhelming as I would have thought and all the other toppings just complimented the burger very well.

Felipe ordered the Angus Burger (3490HUF ≈ €11) with an Angus beef patty, black forest ham, aioli, onion jam, green salad, tomato and jalapeños in the same delicious bun. This burger was delicious, but not as amazing as the smoked one I had.

These were a little drippy, but they still manage to keep their shape, so not a big deal. The burgers are also a perfect size, so you have excellent value for money.

We ordered some Chips&Dip (1050HUF ≈ €3,30) that are thin and crispy chips, and they come with the surprisingly homemade ketchup and aioli. We prefer regular french fries, but the dips are honestly so good that the chips are just a recipient to eat them. The aioli is super dense and creamy, and the ketchup tastes very fresh.

We also got the local Pesti beer (590HUF ≈ €1,87 for 0,5L) and a fantastic lavender Italian soda that lives in my heart (750HUF ≈ €2,40).

Overall, this place is a great way to run away from the super touristic part of the city and eat some great burgers while you are at it.

We will rate it an 8,5/10, losing some points with the fries and the Angus Burger could be as mind-blowing as the smoked one was, but everything is still super tasty. We give Pesti Burger the burger of the month title!


Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 50-56, 1096 Hungary

The Smoked Burger is 2990HUF ≈ €9,46, and it is a medium sized burger. The Chips&Dip are 1050HUF ≈ €3,30 and come in a regular sized portion. Pesti beer is 590HUF ≈ €1,87 for 0,5L. They also have drinks that go up to 990HUF ≈ €3,13.

If you want a substantial burger in a less touristic place in Budapest, this is for you! This is a place you can easily stay for a while, have a beer and enjoy. Don’t forget to try the aioli and the ketchup, they are amazing!

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