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Prague Sunset: My Favorite Spot to Capture the Sunset Over Prague

On my first visit to Prague, I was actively looking for unusual places to take pictures. Because of that, I researched a lot on Instagram profiles and other places, and I think I found the perfect spot for a Prague Sunset. This article is about that.

When I first arrived in Prague, back in December 2016, I was traveling with the photographer Alex Mazurov. We met a couple of years before, during one of my trips to Finland and one of the topics of our conversation was the swans he photographed the day before I arrived there. I wanted to capture something similar so, when I had some free time, I decided to go to the Charles Bridge and explore the area.

When you go take pictures at Charles Bridge, you can expect to photograph a lot of tourists. This is one of the most famous sights in Prague, and it’s always crowded up there. But, you don’t need to be on the bridge to capture it with your camera. You can go on the shores of the Vltava river and do your best.

This is what I had in mind once I realized that, even I changed the angles of my pictures, there would always be somebody standing in the middle of it. This or a lot of heads. I didn’t want any of it, so I went on Google Maps and found Čertovka.

Čertovka is a canal that takes water from the Vltava river and flows it back to the river almost a kilometer later. This canal is also called Little Prague Venice, but I’m not there to talk about it. When I saw the ditch on my map, I found a small beach close by where some restaurants seem to have outdoor sitting. That is where I headed to take my favorite pictures of the Prague sunset.

I arrived at the Náplavka observation deck at the time that some people, from a nearby restaurant, where throwing leftover bread to the ducks and swans in the river. This created a sea of animals that were the perfect border for my pictures of the sunset. And if you explore the area more, you can take photos from the beach, from close to the water and from the observation deck. Just focus on the best way to capture the sky and the bridge in the background!

With pink skies over the Charles bridge and the swans and ducks in the water, I found the perfect spot to capture the Prague sunset. And I’m here to share it with you so you can see how amazing this city looks like under the fading sun.

And if you want another spot for a Prague sunset, you should take a look at what I wrote about the Vysehrad since the view from there is excellent as well.

Prague Sunset: My Favorite Spot to Capture the Sunset Over Prague

50°05’19.4″N 14°24’40.0″E

Náplavka – Malá Strana 1
118 00 Prague 1, Czechia

Fotostrasse visited Prague with Czech Tourism Deutschland, and we loved every second of it.

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