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What if I told you that the best place to see Berlin from above is not the on the huge TV Tower in the middle of Alexanderplatz? It might sound weird at first but it makes a lot of sense after you think about it. Do you want to take pictures of Berlin with its main tourist spot in there right? So, you need to go somewhere where the TV Tower can be seen. Somewhere as tall as the tower but way less crowded. That place exists and it is the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz Viewing Platform and I going to tell you everything about it now.

The Best Photo Spots in Berlin: Where to take pictures in the German Capital

If you’re like us, you travel with a camera and carry it all the time. With smartphones becoming cheaper, everybody takes a camera with them, but we only see selfies everywhere. Because of all this, it became hard to surprise somebody with travel pictures since most people only go to the same places and take the same pictures.

But we’re here to solve this problem with our list of the best photo spots in Berlin.

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A Short Video of Berlin in 1900

This was Berlin in 1900. More than a hundred years ago and before the war, before the wall, before the nazis, before the communists, before East and west, before the hipsters and the döner. In other words, before, it was fantasticIn this video of Berlin, you can look at how this unique city used to look.

Check out the architecture and how different it was! It’s crazy to see how different the city looks nowadays. It is so diverse that it might be challenging to recognize most of the buildings and places you can see in the video below.
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