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A Juriti: One of the most traditional bars in São Paulo

A Juriti is the name of one of the most traditional bars in São Paulo. Located next to Parque da Aclimação, in an area known as Cambuci, this bar is perfect for those who want a drink in a place surrounded by locals and with a lot of tasty food to try between glasses of cold beer.

I visited A Juriti for the first time during my last trip to São Paulo, back in November 2018. During my stay, I talked to my friend André about visiting some places I’ve never been before, and A Juriti came to our conversation. A few days later, there I was with André, my girlfriend Camila, and the fantastic people behind Qualquer Nota, Estevam, and Paulo, who may be known to the world as the bass player from Sepultura.

This is the reason for the video below! Too bad it’s only in Portuguese but you can get a feeling of the place without understanding the silly jokes we are saying there. But, let’s get back to A Juriti!

A little bit of the history of A Juriti

A Juriti opened its doors back in 1957, and the style inside is still, pretty much, the same. This is one of the many reasons why this bar is a must see in São Paulo. I love the large bar counter filled with some of the food you can eat between beers and the old styled tables that could be for sale in any vintage shop around the world.

When I visited the place, I arrived there with Camila around 16 in the afternoon. Some of my friends were already there, planning what to drink and eat, and how to film everything. We left around one in the morning, and we tried everything we wanted to have, and we drank way more than we should, but it was great either way.

The first thing we tried there was the famous Joana D’Arc that is a pepperoni sausage cooked in alcohol that tastes amazing. This was the first taste of the classic bar food that this place is renowned for! A Juriti has more than 50 different options of food for you to try, but we are here to help you out with this. When you visit A Juriti, you need to try the fried frog, the pepperoni sausage and the squid. These are the highlights of the place when it comes to food!

When it comes to drinking, A Juriti is famous for two specialty drinks. One of them is called Meia de Seda, which can be translated as silk stockings, and tastes like a unique combination of chocolate milk and alcohol. It’s weird, but it’s okay. The other famous one has the name of the bar, and it’s called A Juriti and has this particular taste of peanuts and cachaça. I loved this one, but I wasn’t a big fan of the previous one. But I believe you should try everything there since it’s such a unique place.


A Juriti is open daily from 10 in the morning to midnight. On Sundays, they close around 16 in the afternoon. They accept cards, and you can find them easily on the map below.

A Juriti: One of the most traditional bars in São Paulo

Rua Amarante, 31 – Cambuci
São Paulo – Brazil

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