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Atilla Hildmann: Vegan Fast Food in Kreuzberg

The last place we visited on this particular vegan/vegetarian month of the #52weeksofburgers challenge was Attila Hildmann Vegan Snackbar. We have always passed in front of this place, and a few people told us the food was lovely, so it was quite fitting for us to try it.

The Snackbar has two locations in Berlin; one on Charlottenburg and the one we went that is in Kreuzberg, near Kottbusser Tor. The place itself is not the most inviting one on the outside, and the bright lights and loud music make it very clear that this is a place to eat and leave. We also found it very funny that the area is scattered with the owner’s vegan recipe books, gives it quite a narcissistic feel to the place.

We got there on a Monday evening where all the burgers are €6. And the place was not too crowded, and the service was friendly and fast, you order on the counter, and they call you by your name when it’s ready.

Felipe ordered King Leonidas (usually €7,90) with sweet mint pesto, tomato, homemade tzatziki (a fresh tasting yogurt and cucumber dip), potato chips, salad, and onions. This was an OK burger, the texture was a bit soggy, and the sauces did not compliment each other that well, but it didn’t taste bad also.

I ordered the Chili Burger (€7,90) with mayo, guacamole, coriander, jalapeños, tortilla chips, tomato, chili, and salad. This was a very nice burger, the flavors complimented each other nicely, the tortillas gave the burger a fantastic crunch, and this was big and very filling. The patties are made with chickpeas, vegetables, and spices and are dense and slightly crunchy, very flavorful.

We also got the Chili Cheese Fries (€7,50) with chili sin carne, vegan cheese, and jalapeños, this was very tasty also but a bit on the expensive side for the amount of food. They have very few drinks to choose from, including the Daisho energy drink (€5/500ml), rice milkshakes and protein shakes. We shared one of the Daisho Dragon, and it was quite lovely for an energy drink, but nothing too special.

The star of the show here was the Nutwave Cake (€5,90) a big and fluffy and delicious Nutella inspired cake, not too sweet but quite decadent.

Overall, this would be a nice place to grab a fast and vegan bite, but definitely not a destination place. It is more of a quick meal thing. So we would rate it a 6,5/10.

But… It came to our knowledge after we were there that the owner is not the most amusing of beings; being involved in abuse allegations, ridiculous media stunts and problems with the law, so there is no way we could recommend this place since none of his actions endorse what we, as the authors of this blog, believe in and support.


Adalbertstraße 7, 10999 Berlin

The burgers are €7,90, Chili Cheese Fries were €7,5, the Daisho drink is €5 for a 500ml bottle, and the Nutcraze cake is €5,90.

If you don’t mind all the polemics around the owner and want a quick vegan meal, this place might be for you. But since we won’t endorse these things, we would highly recommend the other places we have been this month, like Vincent Vegan for a fast food vibe, Der Vegetarische Metzger for a nice meal with friends, and the fantastic best vegetarian burger of the month: Ryong.

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