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Our Favorite Craft Beer Bars in Berlin

If you’re thinking about going out with some friends to a Craft Beer Bar in Berlin but don’t know where to go, we are here to help you out.

There are so many good places that sometimes we feel too spoiled, so we decided to share our favorite bars in Berlin with the world.

There is a place for everybody here. From small taprooms in Kreuzberg and Neukölln to fancier-looking sites in Friedrichshain, we cannot forget Berlin’s most massive craft beer bar.

So, without further ado, grab your friends and make your plans for the evening.

Because you are about to learn about craft beer in Berlin.

Muted Horn In Neukölln

Between all the craft beer bars that we are going to be mentioning here, there is one that is closer to our hearts and to where we live. This place is called Muted Horn and can find it behind an unassuming glass and brick facade next to a discount supermarket and a mosque on the busy Flughafenstrasse.

There you will find more than 20 different craft beers on tap and almost a hundred bottled beers. This abundance of choice can be overwhelming to some, but don’t worry about it at Muted Horn. The guys and girls behind the counter know their way around beer, and they always give good advice.

If you are a fan of sour beer, Muted Horn is the place for you since they always have something new when it comes to it.

Vagabund Brauerei in Wedding

We believe that the Vagabund Brauerei was the first craft beer bar we visited here in Berlin. This fantastic craft beer bar in Wedding has been open since 2011 as a great alternative to the industrially made beers that you can find in pretty much every bar and späti around Berlin.

What we believe is unique about Vagabund Brauerei once you start comparing it to other craft beer bars in Berlin is the fact that it feels like a student meeting place mixed with an old school corner bar. This peculiar mixture gives the location a special status and a quite lovely atmosphere that makes you want to stay there longer and longer.

When it comes to quantity, you won’t find it that much at Vagabund Brauerei since it always feels like they are focus on quality. This is why they brew most of the beer being sold there. And you can even learn with them how to make your own beer!

Lager Lager in Kreuzkölln

Back in 2015, Robyn Anderson and André Gifkins felt like Neukölln missed a craft beer bar, and they decided to fix this themselves, and the world got Lager Lager. This small craft beer bar can be found almost hidden in a quiet street in the booming neighborhood that some people like to call Kreuzkölln.

When you go for craft beers at Lager Lager, you will be presented with two choices. You can try the bottled beers from the shelves or the ones from the tap where they usually have eight different ones. But don’t go there thinking that this is just a bar, Lager Lager is a mixture of a craft beer bar and a shop, and some people even call the place a tasting room.

If you are walking around the Landwehr Canal between Neukölln and Kreuzberg and feel like you need some fantastic beers, you need to visit Lager Lager.

The Berliner Berg Beer Garden in Neukölln

Between where the Berlin Wall used to be, close to the S-Bahn tracks, this is where you will find the great beers from Berliner Berg. Treptower Strasse is a bit far from the main sights in the area, which is interesting since reaching the beer garden can feel like a discovery.

In the beer garden, you will be able to find the regular beers that made Berliner Berg one of the best beers in town. Food is not a problem there since you can bring whatever you want or even order something straight into your table. We did that with some pizzas, and it was perfect.

In the beer garden, you will be able to find the regular beers that made Berliner Berg one of the best beers in town. Food is not a problem there since you can bring whatever you want or even order something straight into your table. We did that with some pizzas, and it was perfect. Food trucks might be ready for you there during the weekends, but it would be better to check their social media pages about that before getting your hopes up.
With the growth, more opportunities appeared. When they opened the Berliner Berg Brauerei on Treptower Strasse, they didn't focus only on making beer. Behind the beer factory, there is a beer garden for all, and this is a place that you should try out whenever you want to taste their great beers straight from the tap.

Birra in Prenzlauer Berg

Birra is an Italian craft beer bar in Prenzlauer Berg. From there, you can travel to Italy without even packing and get a taste of one of the best breweries in the country: Birrificio Lambrate from Milan.

The relationship between Birrificio Lambrate and Birra is crucial since it belongs to the same people. In Italy, they run three different bars and a brewery. In Germany, they opened Birra in 2016.

One thing that makes Birra stand out from other craft beer bars in Berlin is that they also serve food, not just beers. So, if you are looking for some unique beers in Prenzlauer Berg, Birra is the place that you need to visit.

If you are looking for some unique beers in Prenzlauer Berg, Birra is the place that you need to visit. It's a must for beer fans!

Protokoll in Friedrichshain

Opened back in 2017, Protokoll can be found in one of the many backstreets around Friedrichshain. This craft beer bar is small in size, but they make you ignore it by presenting you with more than 20 different types of beer on tap. If this isn’t enough for you, you can choose between close to 50 different bottled beers, and we feel like this might be enough for an evening out with friends.

Between all the craft beer bars that we researched to write this list, we feel like Protokoll has something unique that other places don’t have.

We say this because this is a bar with Russian roots, and this can be great if you’re like us and like to broaden their horizons when it comes to beers.

Hopfenreich in Kreuzberg

You can find Hopfenreich in a surprisingly quiet corner next to all the people that walk by Schlesisches Tor looking for a place to party. But this is not a place to go out clubbing, at this craft beer bar in Kreuzberg, you are there to taste some of the best beers you can find in Berlin.

When you enter Hopfenreich, you will feel like you are in one of the many old corner bars that you see everywhere around Berlin. The main difference here is that you’re going to find more than twenty different types of craft beer from the tap. 

And every time that we go there, we taste some new that we never encountered before since they keep their taps on a constant rotation of local beers and other ones from all around the globe.

Brewdog DogTap in Marienfeld

As a fan of craft beers, we don’t need to introduce you to BrewDog’s fantastic craft beers. You already know that, but we can imagine that you don’t know that their location in Marienfeld might be the largest craft beer bar in Berlin. Maybe, even the largest one in Germany.

Brewdog DogTap can be found in one of the many historic industrial buildings in the Mariendorf Gasworks. Because of this industrial heritage, this craft beer bar has high ceilings that date back to 1901 and more than enough space to brew their own beer on sight.

Besides being the most massive craft beer bar in Berlin, we believe they are the bar with more options as well since they carry more than 40 different types of beer on tap. Something you don’t see every day!

These are our Favorite Craft Beer Bars in Berlin!

All the craft beer bars mentioned in the article can be found on the map above. Berlin has more than just these ones, but we are here to share with you the ones that we like the most. Quality over quantity and these are the bars that we often go to, so we know that you will love them as well.

When it comes to craft beers, you can trust us.

If you want to learn more about craft beer bars around Europe, we wrote some articles about places in Milano, and even Kaliningrad.

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