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Our Stay at the Canal House Amsterdam

From outside, it doesn’t seem like the Canal House Hotel is any different from the other buildings that overlook the waterways in the heart of Jordaan, in Amsterdam. But, once you open the doors and enter the building, you will know that you are in a particular place.

When you enter the Canal House Hotel in Amsterdam, you’ll be presented a world of black and purple. This design boutique hotel has 23 individual rooms that are furnished with natural material and an innovative design that pays attention to details. Like the small birds that you will see around your room.

We only stayed at the Canal House in Amsterdam for one night since our time in the city wasn’t as long as we wanted. But our experience there was so amazing that we have to split this article into a few different elements so we can explain how much we liked our stay there in all possible ways.

Let’s talk about the style and design of the Canal House.

Like we said before when you open the door and enter the Canal House, you are leaving the outside world and entering a place that was designed with a lot of care for details. The marble floor leads to walls covered with mismatched frames that show some of the best paintings from Dutch masters.

Everything around you is black and purple and, personally, we loved it! The walls are dark and contrast really well with the summer day that was outside in Amsterdam. To create more contrast between the dark elements inside, there are colorful vases and bright rugs that present the space differently, inside and outside the bedrooms.

One of the highlights of the building is the Great Room, where you’ll be having breakfast. This room looks fantastic from the tables to the flowers. But we loved it, even more, when we looked up and saw the chandeliers. There are nine significant light sources over the central area of the room, and they are so amazing we wish we had them in our apartment here in Berlin!

But the Canal House is not only a world of black and purple. The hotel has a fantastic private garden that is perfect to enjoy a quiet moment after a long day walking along the canals of Amsterdam. There are water fountains as well, and we loved spending some time there after breakfast so we could cool down from the hot summer day.

Now it’s time to talk about the room of the Canal House Amsterdam.

When you visit their website, the Canal House divides their rooms into five different categories: Good, Better, Great, Exceptional, Outstanding and Best Room. We spend the night in the Outstanding room, and we can confirm that it’s more than special.

When we enter the room, we saw that the purple and black theme continues but in a different way. With gray walls, wooden floors, and beautiful paintings, everything looked fantastic. But, it got even better when we opened the curtains and realized that our room had a view of the Keizersgracht below. We saw boats come by and it was nice to have a beer watching the city go by below us.

Nonetheless, my favorite part of the room was the bed. It was big enough for both of us to sleep without fighting got the blankets and soft enough to make it hard to leave the bed after waking up. One of these beds that you dream about taking it home later.

We need to talk about the location of the Canal House.

The first thing we researched before going to the Canal House was its location. But we didn’t know how well its connected to most of Amsterdam attractions before we reached it.

Canal House is located on the King’s Canal, known in Dutch as the Keizersgracht. This is the area known as the cultural center of Amsterdam, and you can see the famous architecture of the merchant houses everywhere.

From the hotel, you can walk to the Anne Frank House in less than 10 minutes. This area in the Jordaan neighborhood is excellent, and you can explore it without worries! By bike, you can reach the Museum district in a 10-minute bike ride! How can you be more central than this?

What about breakfast?

Everything we experienced at the Canal House was exceptional. The breakfast was the only moment that we felt like it was average. The breakfast buffet had a typical continental selection of cheese, ham, loaves of bread, cakes, yogurt, coffee and freshly squeezed juices.

If you want something more, there is an upgrade option with eggs, pancakes and more. We weren’t that hungry during breakfast, or we would go with that. If you are one of those people who are eager for food in the morning, try this breakfast option.

In the end, we had a fantastic time at Canal House Amsterdam. The hotel is beautiful, the garden is a lovely space to relax. The bedroom was everything we expected and even more. The staff was friendly and helpful and gave us tips of places to have dinner and also helped us taking pictures!

If you want to visit Amsterdam in style, the Canal House is the hotel you need to stay. We know you will not regret it.

Canal House Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 148
Amsterdam City Centre
1015 CX Amsterdam

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