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Our Stay at Scandic Paasi in Helsinki

We have been to Helsinki more than a few times in the past couple of years. Every time that we are there, we try to stay in different hotels so we can explore a little bit more of this amazing city. This was our goal when we booked our stay at Scandic Paasi, an amazing hotel located in an area of Helsinki called Siltasaari.

What can we say about our stay at Scandic Paasi in Helsinki? First, we have to say that it was one of the best hotels we have ever been to. If you are asking yourself why let us tell you our reasons. So, the hotel is beautifully designed to remember the area’s history. All the walls in the hotel are decorated with a circus theme that may sound a little creepy but works perfectly.

From the reception area to the number of rooms, everything looks so cool that you might feel like you want to copy it in your house later.

But we loved our stay at Scandic Paasi for more reasons. Another one was the staff. They are friendly and helpful in a way that they didn’t even need to be. Let us tell you a story. We only stayed there for a night and we had a really early plane to take the next day. So early that we didn’t even have time to eat breakfast there. When we were talking to one of the people from the staff about this, she decided to offer us a breakfast bag for us to eat while we were on our way to the airport.

Of course, we said yes to the breakfast bag but we didn’t expect it to be that big! It made our trip to the airport way better.

The staff is beyond friendly and helpful and the hotel is beautiful. What else can we say about Scandic Paasi? The rooms! The design that you see on the hotel, repeats itself inside the room. On the walls, on the bedsheets, everywhere. Everything is there for a reason and it looks great. The bed was huge and so comfortable that it was really hard to wake up the next morning. The wi-fi is strong and it was easy to set up and fast to use. And the size of the room we stayed in was impressive. Really.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Heksinki: Scandic Paasi.

Personally, we have two things that we always use to rate how good a hotel really is. One of them I learned with my grandfather and is the shower. Every time that we stay in a hotel, one of the first things I do is go check out the shower and Scandic Paasi has a really great one. It warms up fast, the water flow is strong and it doesn’t spray into every part of the bathroom. We loved and you will too.

Another thing we always look for in a hotel is the presence of electric outlets close to the bed. And Scandic Paasi deserves a A+ on this since we found two outlets on each side of the bed. Something more than necessary for those who travel with iPhones, cameras, and iPads like us.

Like we said before, Scandic Paasi is located in Siltassari, an area really close to Helsinki’s city center. But we didn’t know anything about Siltassari before going there. And one of the best things about staying in Scandic Paasi Hotel was that we explored the area and we loved everything we saw there.

The area is unofficially known as Hakaniemi due to the market hall close by and was often associated with a working class background. Because of this past, a few of the rooms from Scandic Paasi are in the Old Helsinki Workers’ House, known in Finnish as Paasitorni. Our room was there and we enjoyed our room even more once we learned about its history.

The only bad thing about our stay at Scandic Paasi was that we didn’t stay there long enough to enjoy our time there in depth. Maybe next time we are in Helsinki!

Our Stay at Scandic Paasi in Helsinki

Paasivuorenkatu 5 b
00530 Helsinki

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