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Ich bin ein Berliner

Ich bin ein Berliner is the work of Tim Richardson, who, after spending three days in Berlin, decided to create a different holiday video.

And when we say different, we mean that. Tim Richardson was inspired by Leonardo Delessandri’s Watchtower of Turkey and chose Berlin as the subject for this video experiment.

We have been experimenting with various video concepts for the past few months, exploring the medium’s creative possibilities. One outstanding example that has inspired us is Tim Richardson’s ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.’ The cleverness of this short film lies not only in its captivating content but also in the simplicity of its production.

Tim captured the essence of his vision using only his cellphone—an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. I am sincerely impressed by his skill and creativity, which turned an ordinary device into a powerful tool for storytelling. This is truly remarkable! His decision to set a challenge for himself and then surpass it is a commendable approach that speaks volumes about the potential hidden in everyday technology.

Ich bin ein Berliner - a great way of turning a holiday video into something beautiful

I’m thrilled to share that the title ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ is not only a tribute to the legendary words of John F. Kennedy, but also a representation of the city’s dynamic spirit. Tim’s project beautifully captures the essence of Berlin, with the city serving as a valuable partner in shaping the atmosphere and storyline. It’s truly remarkable how Berlin’s energy and character bring so much to the project.

We are pretty sure Berlin helped him out a little. We know that.

On Ich bin ein Berliner, you can see some familiar sights like Mauerpark, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the East Side Gallery, and the Olympiastadium.

But Tim Richardson shows them in a different way that really inspired us to try something like that.

Ich bin ein Berliner: a video by Tim Richardson’s

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