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Eating Liege Waffles at Pollux

Belgium is world famous for their amazing waffles, but if you ever go to Liege, it is mandatory to eat the ones that take the name of the city. When researching what to do there it was impossible to ignore the many mentions about the Liege Waffles, that is not as popular and easy to find as we hoped for.

We visited Liege on a trip back in December 2017. We started everything in Paris, from there we went to Liege and, later, to Maastricht. We finished our trip in Dusseldorf where we spent Christmas before heading back to Berlin.

But why are Liege Waffles so special?

The waffle that you can find everywhere else in Belgium usually is the Brussels Waffle, typically rectangular and dusted with powdered sugar and if you are like us, you know about the existence of waffles, but you had no clue that there were so many different kinds and especially how different the Gaufres de Liège are from the rest.

The legend goes that they were born in the late 18th century by request of the Prince-Bishop of Liège for his chef, that then mixed the very unique (and very expensive until today) sugar pearls, vanilla and brioche dough and the Liège Waffle was born.

We looked for a place that sold the truest to the original recipe we could possibly find, and after a little research, we found this corner cafe called Pollux, in the city center. When you come closer, the smell of vanilla, butter and a hint of caramel hit you in the face and it is just delightful.

These waffles are much more like a bread than a pancake so you can see the little balls of dough rising on the side of the press, speckled by the little sugar pearls.


When it comes to taste, Liege Waffles are even more special.

Warm out of the press, they are incredibly rich and keep the slight flakiness of a regular brioche, but the best part of this little pieces of deliciousness is the sugar pearls that caramelize when they are on the outside of the dough, but stay crunchy when in the middle of it, giving this treat a fantastic texture.

You can find this one of a kind treat at the Pollux, and they cost around €2,50 each.

Eating Liege Waffles at Pollux

Place de la Cathédrale 2, 4000
Liège, Belgium

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