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Son Kitchen: Tiger Balls at Kantstrasse!

This week of the #52weeksofburgers, Fotostrasse takes you to another Asian inspired burger; Son Kitchen. This little window on the wall at Kantstrasse caught our eyes a few times before for its simplicity in the street crowded with restaurants.
Son Kitchen sells a few Korean dishes like Bibimbap, but today we are here for the burgers! This is just a window with the menu around it, and if you want to eat there, you can munch standing up on the two “tables” available or lean on the little counters.

Felipe got the BBQ Pacman (€5,90) that has a 140gr bulgogi beef patty, lettuce, tomato, kimchi, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, jalapeños, red cabbage and roasted onions in a brioche bun, and of course with an extra patty (+€2). It was amazing! The meat felt like real meat, super well seasoned and not overworked, the topping could be too much, but they work together very well to present a slightly sweet and yet savory burger.

I got The KFC (€5,90) with some deep-fried buttermilk chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, tonkatsu sauce, kimchee, red cabbage, and chipotle mayo in the same brioche bun. This one was a bit disappointing; the chicken was entirely on the dry side. But if you enjoy mild flavors, this might be perfect, since it was almost bland compared to the BBQ Pacman.We got two sides, the Kim Chesilla Fries (€ 4,50), regular fries with a chili sin carne, jalapeños, cheese, roasted onions, sesame seeds, and a topping of choice, we got the honey BBQ beef, and this was nice and tasty, but nothing too special.

The best item, in my opinion, was the Tiger Ball (€3,50), that consists in a deep-fried kimchee rice ball, with honey BBQ beef and cheese inside, seasoned with gochujang, topped with chipotle mayo, green onions, sesame seeds and red cabbage on the side, this was a delicious Asian version of the Italian deep-fried rice called Arancini and I am living for it, it is my favorite thing on the menu, no doubt! They also sell a few beers and Korean drinks (around €2,60)!

Overall, this place is delicious, although the lack of seating area might not be for all, you can take it to go and eat it in the comfort of your couch. We rate it a 7/10.


Kantstraße 46, 10625 Berlin

The BBQ Pacman was €5,90, the Tiger Ball was €3,50, and the beer was €2,60.If you like Asian flavors but want something different, this is for you. The food is super tasty and reasonably priced, but remember there is no seating/inside area! Don’t leave this place without eating the Tiger Ball!

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Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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