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Vincent Vegan: double decker burgers and beyond!

March is the first themed month for our #52weeksofburgers challenge; we will try to visit vegetarian/vegan only places and see what they have to offer!

Our first place is known by their seitan patties and a very bizarre location, meet Vincent Vegan. Located on the weird East Side Mall, the store itself is in your typical food court deal; order it, wait around and then get a table, nothing special (as expected) and I don’t know about you, but for us, this is definitely not the nicest situation.

This is their only store in Berlin, they have two restaurants in Hamburg also, unfortunately, both of them in malls as well.

I ordered the double-decker Big Veganski (€9,75) with one seitan patty, one “chicken” breaded and fried seitan patty, “bacon”, “cheese”, burger sauce, and lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumber and I am salivating right now thinking about this. The burgers could have a little bit more distinction between their flavors, but the breading on one of them makes all the difference. And adds a very interesting texture, the “cheese” is melty and delicious, the sauce is amazing, the bacon is ok since it could be smokier and crunchier, but as is doesn’t make that much difference. This doesn’t feel like a regular burger but more like a naughty treat, and it is very good.

Felipe ordered The Beyond Vincent (€10,95) made with the famous beyond burger; a 100% plant-based patty that is known for being incredibly similar in taste and texture to real meat. This burger came with garlic sauce, pickles and salad and it’s safe to say it does what it’s supposed to and I felt like I was biting into a real meat burger. It wasn’t the top meat burger, but it was very good and I would definitely say it was tastier than a few we ate the last couple of months. The bun on these is very soft, slightly sweet and I really enjoy it as well. The burger is on the medium-small size, so it can be expensive.

We ordered the chili peanut onion fries (€ 3,95) as a side and they were very interesting, our friends had the regular fries (€2,95) with “mayo” dipping and this vegan condiment lives in my heart now. We had the Vince Ale (€3,95) and the Rosemary-Lemon Limo (€2,95) and both were pretty much watery and tasteless, so get a Fritz Cola (€2,5) or a drink somewhere else.

Overall this is good food, but the service was super slow. To be fair, the lady warned us that it would take a little while for our food to be ready. and the environment doesn’t help much. I would love this to be a real restaurant by itself, I’m pretty sure the whole experience would be much better!

If you are a vegan/vegetarian/hungry person and around the area, this can be something interesting to try. We gave it a 7/10!


Tamara-Danz-Straße 11, 10243 Berlin

The Big Veganski is €9,75 and The Beyond Vincent is €10,95 they have cheaper and smaller burgers if you might, like the Veclassic One for €6,75. Regular fries with a dip are €2,96 and drinks are around €3.

If you like well thought vegan meals and happen to be in the area, this will be interesting. Keep in mind this is in a food court, so don’t expect much from the ambient and you’ll be fine. Drinks are not the strength of the restaurant, so you can enjoy the food court part of this and order somewhere else.

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