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MeatLiquor King’s Cross: phenomenal burgers in London

We went to London in this week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge and feasts at MeatLiquor. We heard about this place a while ago because of its peculiar decor in this post here, and Felipe tried it a few times in the past and thought it was pretty nice, so let’s see how it goes.

There are a lot of these scattered around the UK; each has a very distinct design and decor. The closest to us was the Kings Cross one that has the kitchen and bar inside a train carriage in the middle of the venue, very cool looking.

We got there on a Wednesday night, and it was quite crowded, but you can wait for your table while drinking an excellent beer.

The vibe here is almost club-like, thunderous music, everybody drinking and laughing, people challenging themselves to eat the spicy dishes under 10 minutes, if you are in a mood for a quiet and relaxing meal maybe go somewhere else. The staff was one of the nicest ever, great recommendations, and very fun.

So, for the first time, both of us ordered the same burger, just because it was the most highly recommended there. The Dead Hippie (£9,50) comes with two mustard-fried patties, the Dead Hippie sauce (their take on a burger sauce), lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions in a cute fluffy brioche bun.

Damn, this was flavorful, the meat was super juicy and tasty, the sauce and the toppings are just the right amount, and this is a straightforward burger to eat as well. The burgers seem very very small at first sight, but the meal was super filling.

We also got the colossal Onion Rings (£4,00) that were super crunchy and the Hot Mess (£5,75); hash browns covered in homemade buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce, jalapeños and pickles and I believe this was the best side I ever had in my life, the buffalo sauce is fantastic and the combo with the other flavors is mind-blowing, spicy, intense and delicious and pairs with beer so well.

Beers here are great; there are a few tap options and bottled ones. And you can also get a jug of beer as we did, check what they have available when you are there. They also have a ton of cocktails, soft drinks, milkshakes, and floats.

Overall, the food was fantastic, the staff was great, the furnishing was very unexpected, and the whole experience was super fun.

We highly recommend this place, and we rate it a 9/10.

This place is gone now, but is a MeatLiquor in Islington, next to the Angel Station.


6 St Chad’s Pl, London WC1X 9HH

The Dead Hippie burger was £9,50 and the Hot Mess was £5,75, and the beers vary, but around £5,00.

If you like intense flavors, peculiar decor, and loud music, this place is for you. The food is terrific, the staff is super friendly, and the beers are delicious. The price is quite reasonable for London as well, so we definitely recommend this place.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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