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Hamburg Rotterdam: Fantastic Dutch Beef Burgers

In this week of the #52WeeksOfBurgers challenge, we go to Netherlands and feast at the Hamburg Rotterdam. When researching where to go for our last burger of January, we ran into Hamburg, it seemed like it would fit all that we loved, and well, we were not disappointed.

Going up some comic book-esque decorated stairs we found this fun looking place, we got there right as they opened on a Saturday, so needless to say we got to sit fast and the staff was super friendly and chatted with us in between orders, service here was fantastic and super fast. Everything has a beautiful decor, and they have the coolest staff T-shirts, and we regret not taking one home.

I ordered, “The Hamburg” (€ 13,8), a massive cheeseburger with 270 grams of beef, bacon, jalapeños, pickles, cheddar, gruyere, lettuce, onions, tomato and Hamburg sauce. This is a massively tall burger, but unlike some of these huge burgers, this was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten. Even though it has a lot of toppings, the meat is so flavorful that it is the first thing you taste when biting into it, everything else is really just to spoil you with deliciousness.

Felipe ordered the “Triple Cheeseburger XL” (€ 13,8) with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, cheddar, gruyere and gorgonzola, and this was fantastic as well. The cheeses compliment the meat beautifully, and we love places that have size options for the hungry demons that live inside us. The burgers were huge and a little messy, but for the size of this beasts, they were quite easy to eat.

The meat here is so fresh that while we were eating the butcher was delivering big chunks of it to be used later in the day, and you can taste that freshness for sure. To top the meal off, we got some “Cajun Wedge Fries” (€3,6) spicy fries that look and taste very homemade and paired great with those super meaty burgers.

This was the place with the best selection of beers so far, with some on the tap and bottled options, when in doubt ask the staff for recommendations, they were great at it!

We elected Hamburg Rotterdam as the burger of the month, with 9.5 points out of 10. We are only sad that this is not in Berlin. Sorry, Shiso Burger, Mixtape and Zsa Zsa but the title stay in the Netherlands this time.


Witte de Withstraat 94B, 3012 BT Rotterdam, Netherlands

“The Hamburg” was €13,8, a regular size Cheeseburger is €8,8. Beers are around €6 and they are great!

If you are into very meaty burgers and beers this is the place for you. The music and the decor are quite vibrant, so this is a more fun place than a romantic one! Unless you chose a hungry loved one as we did.

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