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Angry Chicken: Korean inspired burgers in Kreuzberg

To start a new round of meaty burger places for our #52weeksofburgers, we went to Angry Chicken, a small venue in Kreuzberg. I won’t lie to you all: this place caught my eye for the striking visual identity, the chicken wings, and the Korean food. The burgers were initially just an excuse to munch around this spot, but damn they proved themselves.

We got there on a Monday evening, the place is the classic you-order-and-you-grab-it, and it is a slightly bigger venue than most locations in Berlin, but still has the same busy and full of stickers with street vibes to it, as most burger venues have here.

The staff was super helpful and the food arrived quickly. We have to say the only thing that bothers me about this place is how loud the music was, even if I was a hip hop fan this was a bit too much.

Felipe ordered the So So Angry Burger (€9) with two marinated beef patties, cheese, kimchi, onion, baby spinach, tomatoes, and gochujang (a fermented Korean spice paste) mayo. And I ordered the Angry Beef Burger (€7) which has everything minus one of the patties and the cheese. We both topped our burgers with a fried egg (+ €1) because we are naughty and well, both of these are big, very sloppy but incredibly delicious.

The marinated beef has a very different taste and mouthfeel (a little bit firmer than a regular burger) to it and the gochujang mayo compliments that well, the tomato and spinach give a nice texture and add some freshness that is very welcome here.

I really love places that don’t go straight to lettuce as the green in their burgers.

Because we have no self-control, we also got the XL portion of So So Angry Chicken Wings (€10,50 for 15) and damn, this is a gem. The slightly sweet but quite spicy sauce clings on to the battered and juicy fried wings, and well, there is no way this can go wrong. It is safe to say it is a robust sauce, but they have many fantastic options to choose from, and you can have the sauces on the side.

This place is incredible for drinks as well, having quite a few Korean soft drinks and many different local beers to choose from like the BRLO that we both had (€3,50).

They also have a much-needed sink so you can wash your little hands prior and after this indulging meal.

Overall this is a place we would definitely come back, and we would surely recommend it to our good friends. It is indeed more of a fast food vibe, primarily because of the loud music and not so comfy seats, but the burgers are unique, and the chicken wings are phenomenal.


Oranienstraße 16, 10999 Berlin

The Angry Beef Burger was €7,00, the huge XL portion of So So Angry Chicken Wings was €10,50, and the beer was €3,50.

This place is for you if you enjoy spicy flavors and messy food. The portions here are significant, and the meal is super filling, but this is not a place to sit and relax due to the loud music and not-so-comfy seats, yet we highly recommend it.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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