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Hey there! My name is Felipe Tofani, the solo adventurer behind Frame Travel Roam Capture, a blog born from my passion for exploring new places and capturing vibrant moments.

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Three-Country Border next to Aachen

My first time visiting a three-country border was when I visited Aachen, the westernmost city in Germany. It took me a few hours on a train to get there, but I didn’t care.

Dark locations Around Berlin

Winden, the city where most of the series happens, is not real, and you can find some small pieces of it in and around Berlin.

A Guide to Brutalism In Berlin

From the weird-shaped Bierpinsel in Steglitz to the battleship-style construction of the Mäusebunker in Lichterfelde, Berlin has some of the best examples of Brutalism architecture in Europe…

My latest articles, updates, and stories

You have to see Make Me a German below as a British joke on Germany. If you don't see it like that, I don't think you will enjoy it as much as I did. If you do, maybe, it will help you with some things that tricked me for a while. Like how productive Germans can be, how much do they love beer and potatoes and, of course, how they take care of children.

Make Me a German – A Funny Series from BBC

You must see Make Me a German below as a British joke on Germany. If you don’t see it like that, I don’t thi…

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A City Scarred: Berlin’s Resilience and Reminders from 1945

Berlin was Germany’s largest and most important city when the Second World War started in 1939. This city paid the…

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Dicke Marie – Visiting the Oldest Tree in Berlin

Dicke Marie is the name of this tree, and it has been here for quite some time. Some 900 years depending on what you bel…

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Our Visit to Krampnitz in August 2013

[addthis tool=”addthis_native_toolbox”] I decided to spend my last vacation days at the end of August going …

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Guitars Museum in Umeå

Umeå can blame music for placing this northern Swedish city on the world map. Maybe, this is why Umeå is home to the gor…

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Berlin in 1990 In Video

Can you imagine Berlin in 1990? Now, you can see it on a series of youtube videos. The year was 1990 and the Berlin Wall…

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Teufelsberg - Guter Zuhörer / Good Listener [EXPLORED #131]

Teufelsberg by the New York Times

We are not proud to say that we have never set foot on Teufelsberg. It is not that we don’t want to do it. It isn&…

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Finding JR in the streets of Berlin

Just before the end of the year, I was leaving work and walking toward Alexanderplatz when I saw a significant face on t…

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