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Radisson Blu Seaside Helsinki

You can find the Radisson Blu Seaside in the beautiful area of Helsinki known as Ruoholahti district. This former industrial harbor area of Helsinki is less than 15 minutes of walking from the city center. This is where Fotostrasse stayed when we visited Finland in the middle of January for NBE Finland.

The Radisson Blu Seaside is a beautiful and eco-friendly hotel in Helsinki. It’s located a little more than one kilometer from the city center, that can be reached by foot in less than 15 minutes. But, if you decide to visit Finland in the middle of the winter like we did, there is a tram stop in front of the hotel making it even easier to see everything in Helsinki.

When we stayed at the Radisson Blu Seaside, we were lucky and ended up being part of a contest which we won. Our prize was to spend our days at the Business Class Rooms that overlook the Gulf of Finland and the harbor where the ferries go to Tallinn. And we have to say that waking up looking over the frozen waters was something quite unique.

Besides the amazing waterfront setting that we had at the Business Class Rooms at Radisson Blu Seaside, this hotel offers a lot for a great price. For those who like to exercise, there is a well equipped fitness center.

If you want to stay in one of the best places in Helsinki, you have to try the Radisson Blu Seaside.

For those like us that need to have a good wi-fi connection, you don’t have to worry about it at the Radisson Blu Seaside. Easily one of the best internet connections we had in any of our trips. Besides that, the hotel has a beautiful top-floor lounge overlooking the harbor with some great sunset views. So, even if your room doesn’t have a seaside view, you can enjoy this beautiful place.

When you enter the Radisson Blu Seaside, you’ll be surprised to stumble upon a swing in the middle of the lobby. A great place to rest while you wait for your friends to gather before exploring Helsinki. Too bad it is not meant to be swung like it deserves. On the opposite side of the lobby, you are going to encounter the breakfast area. The choice of foods is great and there are a lot of dishes to help you to know the Finnish cuisine. And, if you want to try Italian and European cuisine without leaving the Hotel, the relaxing Viola restaurant is the place for you. We learned all about blinis there on our first hours in the hotel.

Like every hotel in Finland, the Radisson Blu Seaside offers saunas as well. They have two saunas and one of them is located at the top floor. This way you can enjoy the sauna, relax and watch the sea view without leaving your seat.

Overall, we loved the Radisson Blu Seaside and would recommend this hotel to anyone that wants to stay a little outside of the city center in Helsinki. The price is fair, the room we stayed was great, the wi fi worked perfectly and the staff was super friendly and helpful. What else can you ask for in a hotel?

Our Stay at the Radisson Blu Seaside Helsinki

Ruoholahdenranta 3
FIN-00180 Helsinki

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