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The Best Hotels in Helsinki

These are the best hotels in Helsinki, based on all the times we visit the best capital in Northern Europe. We have been to Helsinki a lot of times since we start Fotostrasse, and we had the pleasure of staying in different places across town.

But we have our favorite hotels and below you can read our reviews and book your stay in them.

Radisson Blu Seaside

We start this list with one of the Best Hotels in Helsinki. The Radisson Blu Seaside is a beautiful and eco-friendly hotel in Helsinki that can be found in the Ruoholahti district. Because of this, you will have one of the most unique views of the city, overlooking the Gulf of Finland and the harbor where the ferries leave to go to Tallinn.

Besides the fantastic waterfront setting that we had at the Business Class Rooms at Radisson Blu Seaside, this hotel offers a lot for a great price. Click on the link below to read our full review and to book your stay at Radisson Blu Seaside.

Scandic Paasi

Scandic Paasi is a hotel designed to tell the history of the area where it’s located. Because of this, all the walls in the hotel are decorated with a circus theme. But don’t worry. That may sound a little creepy but works perfectly.

The design that you see on the hotel repeats itself inside the room. On the walls, on the bedsheets, everywhere there are circus themed prints. Everything is there for a reason, and it looks great. The bed was huge and so comfortable that it was tough to wake up and leave the bed the next morning.

Click on the link below to read our full review and to book your stay at Scandic Paasi.

Radisson Blu Plaza

It’s not every day that you have the pleasure of sleeping in a place as fantastic as the Radisson Blu Plaza in Helsinki. The hotel is now where the old headquarters of SOK, Finland’s leading consumer cooperative, use to be. The building is so full of history that I’m missing words to describe appropriately to you all.

The Radisson Blu Plaza is where the Finnish culture and history are perfectly mixed with Finnish design. Just a short walk inside the hotel is enough to teach you a history class. Besides all the amenities of a top 5-star hotel, the Plaza offers something that can come in hand if you love to explore the destination that you’re traveling to free bikes at your disposal. And since we are big fans of urban exploring by foot or bike, we loved this option.

Click on the link below to read our full review and to book your stay at Radisson Blu Plaza.

Above, you can see a map of where the Best Hotels in Helsinki are located, and you can use this to choose where to stay based on the neighbourhood.

Helsinki is a fantastic place to visit and explore Finnish beauty all year round. We loved our visit to Temppeliaukio – the church in the rock – and the tour of one of the sources of Finnish design, the Arabia Center. If you don’t know what to do in Helsinki, we have some travel tips for you on several attractions you can visit in Helsinki. We even have a post dedicated to things to do in the wintertime in this great city!

Don’t forget Helsinki’s Pissing statue, which is precisely what you are expecting.

There are even unique places close by like Espoo, Porvoo, and the Porvoo Archipelago. Finland is more than meets the eye.

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