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Rembrandt Burger: Dutch burgers in Friedrichshain

After a long and delicious Easter holiday, Fotostrasse conquers one more place for the #52weeksofburger challenge: Rembrandt Burger. Hidden in a quiet street in Friedrichshain, Rembrandt is known for their exceptionally creative burgers and Dutch treats, so we had to check it out!

We arrived there around 7 pm aka the classic German dinner time, and as expected the venue was crowded, but there were a few seats available inside and even more outside, quite a big and beautiful place. The staff was friendly, and for a change, they come to you and get your order. All of our food arrived super fast and everything at once.

Felipe ordered the Smokey Dutchman Burger (€ 11,90) with cheddar and gouda, a subtle but tasty homemade barbecue sauce, a lot of salad and bacon on top of a homemade juicy burger and inside a whole grain homemade bun. This one was such a well-rounded burger, no overpowering of any of the tastes involved, just a solid good burger with high-quality ingredients!

I ordered the Rembrandt Burger (€11,90) with the homemade patty, caramelized red onions, ziegenkäse (a fantastic German goat’s cheese), walnuts, ketchup and mayo and a lot of salad. This burger was way harder to eat, it fell apart completely, but it is so delicious that I didn’t care. The walnuts, the caramelized onions, and the cheese are marvelous together and top this juicy patty perfectly, and I don’t think you need the ketchup there. The meat and the bread here are just fantastic, both feel and taste very fresh, and you also have the option between a regular bun, the whole grain one or no bun at all.
These burgers come with fries already, a massive portion of them and they are amazing, super tasty and crunchy. If you are not a heavy eater, you can order your burgers without fries (even cheaper!). Don’t forget to get a portion of Joppiesaus, the traditional Dutch sauce to go with it. We ordered a Snack Mix (€ 4,9) with Kaassouflé (breaded and deep-fried cheese), Frikandel (Dutch sausage), krokets (well, croquettes) and mustard. These were nice, but I would probably order the Kaassouflé only the next time, it is a very different way to fry cheese, looking more like a slice than a piece of it.

There is a tasty variety of alcoholic and soft drinks here too, all of them around €3.

Overall, this is a fantastic venue, and we highly recommend it! The portions are significant, the ingredients are nice and fresh, the price is excellent, the staff is friendly, and there are a lot of options of beer, what more can you ask for? This is also a place that you could stay and chat for longer. Keep in mind they take cash only!

We rate this place a 9/10!


Richard-Sorge-Straße 21, 10249 Berlin
The delicious Rembrandt Burger with fries is €11,90, the Dutch Snack Mix is €4,90, and the Grolsch beer was €3,00
If you want a place to sit and have a nice meal, this place is for you. The cost-benefit here is fantastic, the place is cozy, the burgers are super creative, and the beer is at a reasonable price. Just remember to bring cash because they don’t take cards.

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