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Berlin Burger International: huge messy burgers in Neukölln

This week in Fotostrasse’s #52weeksofburgers challenge, we visit an old friend: BBI. Berlin Burger International, aka BBI, has been Fotostrasse’s favorite burger for a long time, so it was inevitable for us to visit in this crazy quest of ours.

This being the first Berliner burger place I’ve been, it defines that concept for me; a small place, full of stickers and bizarre decor and the menu is on a blackboard on top of the counter. This is the classic eat and go place, you order, pay and wait for them to yell your name so you can sit outside in wobbly tables and eat your humongous meal.

We always loved BBI because they are definitely creative; every month there was a new special burger creation to try but they have not done it since the beginning of 2017. We knew we had to try it when we found out they were back at it, but sadly the burger of the month was not available by the time we were there (sold out apparently). We went there on a Monday at around 6 pm.

Felipe ordered El Gordonita (€10), with 190g grilled beef, homemade Guacamole, sweet potato chips, crispy bacon, original spicy Irish cheddar and Tilsitter, tomato, mayo, homemade Aioli, salsa, fresh Herbs, several types of lettuce. His burger was very tasty, I felt like every flavor matched each other and it was a good burger overall.

I ordered the Flash Gorgonzo (€10), with 190g grilled beef, crispy onions, homemade Gorgonzola Riesling sauce, double bacon (not the crispy type), homemade Potato carrots rösti, a ton of salad and aioli sour cream. And man, what a disappointment. My burger came with a ton of barbecue sauce on it, even if it isn’t in the description and it killed the flavor of everything completely. To top it up, the gorgonzola sauce was super bland and for a burger that has such strong cheese on its name, it should be the focus.

The burger buns were crunchy in a funky way, like when you reheat an older bun in the oven to bring it back to life. The meat was a bit weirdly dense and overworked also, and unseasoned. The buns and the patties wouldn’t bother me so much if my burger tasted nice, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

We ordered as a side the Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Fries (€6,5) and these have been my favorite thing in this place for a while. it is very chili heavy, not cheesy at all (the cheese in it is probably Beyaz Peynir, a Turkish cheese that comes in a can and resembles feta) but it tastes really good. This time we ordered it they said they cut the jalapeños wrong and they sprinkled some chili flakes instead, which doesn’t make much sense but it was good anyway.

They have good options for beer and soft drinks, and they are all around €2,50/€3, so this is definitely a plus!

Overall, we find BBI to be a bit too inconsistent for us and especially after visiting many amazing places this was a bit disappointing. The burgers are massive (and suuuper messy), the fries are delicious and the drinks are varied and fairly priced. Keep in mind this is an eat-and-go place and that inside that are only a few seats, so in shitty weather, you might prefer another place, or order it to go. We rate BBI a 7/10.


Pannierstraße 5, 12047 Berlin

The El Gordonita burger is €10,00, the Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Fries are €6,50 and the drinks are around €3,00

If you enjoy massive and messy burgers filled with sauces, this place is for you. The portions are huge, the burgers are original and the drinks are cold, but the place can be inconsistent with its food and the ingredients are not always the best. Keep in mind the venue is small and that the biggest part of the seating area is outside and you’ll be good!

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