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Vincent Burger: Juicy Burgers in Charlottenburg

Fotostrasse finally reaches the end of the road of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, and we end it in a fantastic way at Vincent Burger!
Vincent Burger is this lovely cozy venue in Charlottenburg, quite similar in look and idea to what I believe is their brother restaurant; Rembrandt Burger that we previously enjoyed a bit. Close to it, you can find the supermarket where some of the key scenes in the movie Run Lola Run happened. If you like the movie, get the burger and take pictures of the location, one block away.

We made reservations and headed there on a Tuesday evening, the place is lovely – well decorated, not too big or too small – and the staff is super helpful. For a change, another restaurant that you don’t need to order and get by the counter so that it can be a beautiful date night place.

Felipe ordered the Feuerrot burger (€9,90) with their delicious thicker than the most patty, crispy honey onions, salad, cherry tomato confit, pickles, homemade chervil mayo, and homemade chili paste. This was very tasty, but a huge mess, there was no way to bite this and don’t get messy. The meat is delicious, and the whole grain bread we chose matched it perfectly.

I got the Goldgelb burger (€10,50) with the same patty, cheddar, Maasdam cheese, salad, cherry tomato confit, pickles, homemade chervil mayo, and extra bacon (+€1,5), because why not. This burger was absolutely delicious, a simple burger, pure flavors, but everything was beautifully done and worked amazingly well together. The meat was juicy, and the sweeter brioche topped it off nicely.


Both burgers come with regular fries, but we updated mine to the Sweet Potato (+€1) with Truffle Mayo (+€1), and Felipe’s to the mixed chips (+€0,5) with the chili con carne and cheese topping (+€1,0) that comes in a lovely little bowl, so your fries don’t get too soggy. They have a few beers and soft drinks also, nothing too fancy.

Overall, this is a lovely place. Everything was super well done and good quality. It’s a shame it is in a place we don’t have many reasons to go to, but if you are around, this is worth it! They also make all of their burgers with Beyond Meat patties! We rate it an 8/10.


Tauroggener Str. 9, 10589 Berlin
www.vincent-burger.deThe Goldgelb burger was €10,50, regular fries are included, and Sweet Potato Fries are an extra €1. The beer was €3,00/450ml.If you want juicy burgers with good quality ingredients in a cozy atmosphere, this is for you. They have a lot of non-meat options, and you can order any of the burgers with the Beyond Meat patty!

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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