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Why Restaurant Pegasus is the best place to eat in Tallinn

When I went to Estonia at the beginning of 2017, I explored a cemetery of Soviet statues and spent the night in a historical manor surrounded by art and design. But the thing that made me love Estonia was the food. Yeah, my stomach was impressed. And this is why I had to write a short review of my favorite restaurant in Tallinn: Restaurant Pegasus.

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Restaurant Pegasus is a trendy and stylish place that has a fresh cuisine, prepared creatively. All of this with an entirely chic atmosphere that will make you take too many pictures of the decoration. Great food in a beautiful place, but what about the service? My experience with service there was great! Everyone spoke English, they help me out with the menu and even gave me some tips about Estonian beer. It made my lunch there even better than I was expecting.

I was there with the people from NBEFinland, and you can understand how a meal with bloggers is. Everybody has been to a lot of restaurants before, and the expectations are always high, and Restaurant Pegasus was better than expected. From the beginning, I know this place would be great. Mostly because of their homemade bread and is so good I believe I could go back to Tallinn just to eat that again. For real.

My meal started with a great duck salad that was crispy and had some mushrooms in the mix that made everything taste so good! But the main dish was the best one. The mashed potato had some fried onions on top, and this mixture of crunch and soft was a great start. The meat had a bit of sweet in there and was a great way of showing the local ingredients unusually. All of this mixed with some great beers like Dark Sister, a black IPA from Belgium, and the fantastic Estonian beers from local brewery Pohjala.

So, if you’re in Tallinn and want to experience great local food with fantastic service in a beautiful restaurant, you need to go to Restaurant Pegasus. You will love it for sure!

Restaurant Pegasus is in the center of Tallinn, with a great view of Harju Street park and Nõelasilma Gate. They are open every day from 12:00 to 23:00 and on Fridays and Saturdays, they are open until 00:00. There is free wifi at the restaurant; you can bring your dog inside with you and, if the day is beautiful in Tallinn, you can seat on the outside tables. For more information, check their website on the link below.

Why Restaurant Pegasus is the best place to eat in Tallinn

Vana-Posti tänav-1, Kesklinna linnaosa,
Tallinn, Estonia

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