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Pan Bao Burger: Asian inspired in Friedrichshain

This week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge Fotostrasse goes to Friedrichshain to try some Asian inspired burgers. We were going to a concert in the area, and this seemed like one of the most exciting choices around since we love some bao buns and it was super well rated for the burgers and lobster.

The place looks like your typical Asian restaurant here in Berlin, with a few seats inside and a few on the outside. The staff was very friendly but seemed a little confused. The menu was huge, and they had a massive variety of things, which for me it doesn’t always look like a good thing. Oh, boy, I was right.

Felipe ordered the Angry Duck (€ 9,50) with grilled duck meat, mango, Vietnamese pickles, unagi sauce, and chili lime mayo. All burgers come inside their version of a bao bun, with a side salad and sweet potato fries (+€0,5). This was an ok “burger,” it was very seasoned, and the meat was soft, but it wasn’t anything special. The fries seemed like they were fried a long time before and just kept heated, and the salad had a lovely peanut sauce.

I choose the Mixed Emotions (€ 15) with a beef patty, a lot of leaves, mango, Vietnamese pickles, truffle lime sauce, and chili lime mayo, this is supposed to be unique because it comes with a lot of sides; beef lot skewers in fish sauce, salmon skewers in unagi sauce, veg spring rolls, avocado cream and a salad. Well, the name should have been a sign for what is about to come; everything in this dish seemed like it was cooked way earlier and frozen and then reheated. The patty, the salmon, and the beef skewers had a very weird after taste and also seemed like they were reheated in the microwave. The bread that was supposed to mimic a bao bun was not fluffy like it should and didn’t seem super fresh too.

I seriously felt like I was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares and I just can’t recommend Pan Bao Burger in Friedrichshain at all. Although the ideas are super lovely, and Felipe’s burger was ok, they could (and should) be way better executed, especially with this price range.

And I can’t imagine it would be safe to order seafood from a place like this. We rate it a 3/10.


Neue Bahnhofstraße 6, 10245 Berlin

The Angry Duck was €9,50, and the Tiger beer was €3,30 (330ml).

If you want some Asian inspired burgers in Friedrichshain, this might be for you. But keep in mind we don’t recommend this place since it is microwave heavy and not everything seems fresh. If you want some bao bun burgers, we suggest Shiso Burger instead!

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