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Momotaro Tavern: Smash Burgers in Berlin-Mitte

Right in the center of the city, this week, Fotostrasse explores Momotaro Tavern for our #52weeksofburgers challenge. This place was recommended to us by a good friend, and it is slightly surprising that we never head of it before considering how central it is.

Cradled under the famous TV Tower, Momotaro Tavern is a small place specialized in the American style smash burgers with an Asian twist. They also have Pho, soups, curries, and more.

Tasty Smash Burgers in Berlin-Mitte

We made reservations and got there on a Monday at lunchtime, the place was starting to burst with people, and I feel like even with reservations we might have problems to get a table if we got there a few moments later. Since it is situated in a very touristic area, the people fighting for a place to sit and not respecting those waiting were all around, adding to that it was quite understaffed and the waiters weren’t able to do much about it.

Felipe ordered the Umami burger (€7.9) with the Angus beef smashed patties, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms, bacon, and Korean chili mayo. This burger was very tasty, definitely honoring the Umami in the name. The bun was quite soft and got a bit soggy, so a bit on the messier side. I got the American cheese one (€5.9) with the same Angus beef smashed patties, American cheese, 1000 island sauce, salad, tomato, and onions. This burger was amazingly tasty and a simple, well-executed burger.

The smash burgers have this delicious crust to it that you don’t see much around here, the sauce was tasty, the cheese was creamy, and the salad balanced it all up. We got both burgers upgraded to their 50% bigger versions (+€3.50), but they were not huge.


We got their Sweet potato fries (€4,5) delicious and served with ketchup and mayo and the Chicken Nuggets Kaarage (€5,5). These were deliciously crunchy chicken tights served with mayo and sweet chili sauce, and I would go back to eat a bucket of them, a lovely surprise. They also have excellent beers, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Overall, this place was delicious, but the considerable amount of people for the size and staff situation makes it a bit uncomfortable. I would go back at a less crowded time of the day. I am not sure if I trust the reservation system here too. We would rate it an 8/10 for the food, but the atmosphere makes it a 7/10 for sure.


Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin
www.momotaro-tavern.comThe American Cheeseburger was €5,90, but we got it 50% bigger for an extra €3,50. The amazing Chicken Nuggets Kaarage was €5,5, and the beer was €4.If you are in the area and want a nice savory meal, this might be for you. Keep in mind this can be quite crowded and understaffed depending on the time of the day, but if you have time and patience, the food is worth it.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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