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Vagabund Brauerei – American Craft Beer in Berlin-Wedding

Vagabund Brauerei is a brewery founded back in 2011 as an alternative to the industrially produced beers that you can find in every späti around Berlin. There, you can taste five different locally produced beers with authentic flavors that make this place a craft beer bar that every beer lover has to visit in Berlin-Wedding.

I believe Vagabund Brauerei was the first craft beer bar I found here in Berlin. I have some faded memories of a subway ride to Wedding and long tables surrounded by people having beers. That was, probably, around 2013, and since that time, I visited this bar countless times, and it became one of the best reasons to explore this part of Berlin.

I believe that my first visit to Vagabund Brauerei was back in 2013 because I still remember seeing their crowdfund campaign online. This is an exciting part of history that most people don’t know, but Vagabund was the first community-supported brewery in Germany. At least, if you consider the modern crowdfunding system.

Now, let’s talk about the craft beer bar.

Vagabund Brauerei is a mix of an old school corner bar, a student meeting place, and a craft beer bar, and this special status gives it a quite lovely atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer and longer in there. To make things better, you will often find six different beers on constant rotation on tap. Every time that I go there, I see something new! There are, also, beers on a bottle, and their list keeps growing and growing.

One thing that makes Vagabund Brauerei different from the other craft beer bars in Berlin is that they also make beer there, and they even offer courses on how to brew your own beer. If you want to bring your craft beer skills to a different level, you know where to go.

Personally, I love going to this craft beer bar even though it’s on the other side of the city for me. I like to see on the benches outside during the summer months, have a beer and order a pizza from one of the restaurants in the area. They don’t mind if you bring your food, and this makes Vagabund even cooler. If you are looking for a relaxed late afternoon with friends and some tasty beers, you know where you need to go.

Vagabund is located on a side street next to U-Bahn Seestraße in Berlin-Wedding. During weekdays, they are open from 17:00 onwards, and on weekends they open around 13:00 and close when the time is right. Also, the smiling people cheering on this post are our friends from Canal Alemanizando.

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Vagabund Brauerei – American Craft Beer in Berlin-Wedding

Antwerpener Straße 3 – 13353

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