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Protokoll brings Russian Craft Beers to Berlin

Protokoll is a craft beer bar that opened in July 2017 in one of the many back streets in Friedrichshain. There you can find more than 20 different types of beer on tap and close to 50 different beer bottles, more than enough for a night out with friends.

I only learned about Protokoll a couple of weeks ago, and I only visited this craft beer bar once. Still, my experience there was so positive that I had to write an article about it and share the love with other beer lovers. This is how much I liked this place.

As I researched more and more about Protokoll, I learned that they are a craft beer bar with Russian roots. I was wondering about this when I saw the variety of different beers from Russia that they have. Still, I thought it was due to tap take over or something else. I had my fair share of Russian beers before, and I even went to a craft beer bar in Kaliningrad, so I know that Russian beer can be excellent.

When you arrive at the bar, you will be able to choose between 24 different beers on tap, and you will love the handles. They were specially handmade in Moscow and come with different woods, pine cones, and branches from the forest of Russia. The decoration is vital at Protokoll, and they carefully thought about every detail. From the yellow tiles behind the gorgeous taps to the mixture of exposed bricks, concrete, and blue details, everything here seems to be done for a reason. They even added USB charging ports around the bar, so you don’t have to worry about your cellphone battery.

Protokoll is a place for those who like to have different beers because they are bored with the options you can find at the Berlin spätis. At the same time, this craft beer bar was made for the beer connoisseur that wants to broaden their beer horizon. And if you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, ask the staff there since they were accommodating with me and they know their beers.

There are no food options at the bar, but the people there don’t seem to bother if you bring your own food. And the area around Boxhagener Platz and Simon-Dach-Straße are filled with different options, so you don’t need to worry about food while at Protokoll.

I’m pretty sure I will visit Protokoll more and try to explore all the Russian beers that they have there. If you want to explore a new horizon of craft beers, you know where to go. We know we liked our time there and will make sure to came back soon.

Protokoll can be found in Friedrichshain, between U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor and Samariterstrasse. They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 16:00 to midnight and, on Friday and Saturday, from 16:00 to 02:00.

If you want to check out which beers they have on tap before going there, you have to check their website here.

Protokoll Berlin

Boxhagener Str. 110, Berlin

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