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Windburger: fancy fast food in Kreuzberg

This week for our beautiful #52weeksofburgers challenge, Fotostrasse goes to Kreuzberg and visits Windburger. Windburger seemed like the perfect place to grab a bite in a pleasant and sunny Monday afternoon, so there we went to see what it was all about!

Located very close to Görlitzer Bahnhof station, this place is a bit different from the burger restaurants in Berlin. It is quite big, many tables inside and out, the walls are dark and have just a few stickers on them (hahaha!), this looks a lot like a fancier version of a fast food burger place: darker walls, beautiful tall tables, and the traditional decorative light bulbs. As usual, order on the counter and grab it when the buzzer they give you goes wild.

Felipe ordered a double London Burger (€6,20), with bacon, a fried egg, cheese, ketchup and mayo, salad, pickles and double homemade patties in a homemade bun. And I ordered a double Bacon & Cheese (€ 5,70) both quite the same, mine didn’t have the egg. These burgers were quite excellent overall, the bread was soft and just a bit on the sweet side, there was a right amount of sauces, the cheese was not underwhelming, the bacon was delicious, and the salad balanced it a bit. The only thing that doesn’t stand out much for me are the burgers, they are thin and well done, but they were very well seasoned, and this confirms for me the fancy fast food vibes. These are quite good and tasty, especially when you think about the price.

Windburger is excellent when it comes to side dishes, and one of the extraordinary little things from here are the special fries that come with some very well served toppings. So we ordered some Mexican Fries (€3,90) with chili con carne and cheese sauce on top. Man, these things tasted good, the chili is super well seasoned with and meaty, and the cheese sauce has that American cheese vibe to it, but was quite tasty. The fries themselves were a bit more rustic and super tasty too.

Since we are crazy about Nuggets (€4 for a portion of 9 and a dip), we got them without blinking. These are VERY similar to Mcdonald’s nuggets but the curry dip we got was simply phenomenal, and my mouth is watering to think about it. We also got a Hot Brownie (€2,80) that was way more of a lava cake, this wasn’t bad but it isn’t anything too special either. They have an excellent variety of soft drinks and beers (around €2,50).

I would also like to mention that a drunk person messed around with one of the customers and the staff dealt with the situation very well, bonus points for this!

Overall, this is a great spot to grab a cheap and satisfying meal, just don’t come here expecting burgers focused on a lump of luxurious meat because it isn’t the case. I would definitely come back to grab a bite before going out (or after a few drinks). So we rate this place an 8/10.


Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin

The double Bacon & Cheeseburger is €5,70, the Mexican Fries are €3,90 and the drinks are around €2,50

If you enjoy a cheap but super flavorful meal, this place is for you. The fast food vibes can disappoint if you want a fancy meat-focused burger experience, but all the ingredients seemed quite fresh, and the burger was well seasoned. The sides are amazing, and the drinks have an excellent price. This is a bigger place too, so you don’t feel the need to leave as quickly as other burgers around town which can be helpful.

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