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Hamburger Heaven: deliciousness in Kreuzberg

This week we enjoy a warm afternoon of our #52weeksofburger challenge in the surprising Hamburger Heaven. We decided to try this little hidden gem since Felipe had been there a long time ago and thought it was above average, and oh boy he was right!

Hamburger Heaven is just a window to the street, with the menu printed out in the glass, many seats on the outside and supposedly a few on the inside now as well, these were closed this time. But I bet they can be useful when it’s cold and rainy.

Felipe ordered the Heaven Burger (€6,00) with an organic patty (+€1,50) salad, onions, bacon, cheese, and a special sauce. This burger was very lovely, meat was well seasoned and was super tasty, but I feel like it missed something. On the other hand, I ordered the Autumn Delights burger (€6,00) with the organic patty as well (+€1,50), salad, onions, tomatoes, pickles, bacon, an avocado mousse, and truffle mayo, and this had everything that we felt was missing on the first one. The truffle mayo and the avocado gave a textural richness, and the flavour was delicious! The meat was super well flavoured, and I loved the pickles; these seemed to be made in the house, they were very crunchy and fresh (like the onions, both of them were a nice touch!).

This place shows that a little love and some salt on your patties can make a huge difference! The only thing we don’t die for here are the buns, they fell apart a bit and were a tad dry, but still quite lovely.

We also got the Chili Cheese Fries (€4,50) with cheese and jalapeños and Sweet Potato Fries (€3,90), both come with their delicious mayo and some of what seems to be homemade catchup! I don’t mind the chilli cheese fries, but I would drink a bottle of that mayo if I could. We got some Augustiner beers (€3,00), and they have an excellent selection of drinks as well.

This is the case of a place that makes very nice food with a fair price, and I wonder why the hell is this so hard to find here. Overall, we would highly recommend this place, good value for money, super friendly staff, no fuzz; just good food and beers. We rate this an 8/10.


Graefestraße 93, 10967 Berlin

The Autumn Delights was €6,00, to make the patty organic is +€1,50, the Sweet Potato Fries are €3,60, and the beer is €3,00.

If you like cheap and delicious burgers, this is for you. This is the place for those who want to enjoy a nice meal but don’t care much about the ambience, although we feel like paying less for a delicious burger and eat it in the street with a nice beer on a beautiful day is the hell of a more delightful ambience than any fancy restaurant. We highly recommend Hamburg Heaven.

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