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Belushi’s: Patty Melts in Rosa Luxemburg Platz

This week of the #52weeksofburger challenge, Fotostrasse goes to Belushi’s in Mitte. Belushi’s is part of a popular chain hostel, and the bar is a hot spot for those who want to watch some games, have a nice beer and eat something.
Belushi’s is a big place, two floors with a bunch of big tables, many TVs playing different matches at the same time, and some beautiful music playing. You order some food and beers on the counter, and they bring it to you.

Felipe got the Aussie Works (€10) with a grilled beef burger, melted cheese, bacon, grilled pineapple, fried egg, beetroot, and ketchup. This was a big boy, but quite underwhelming, the bread was awful; super dry, and it fell apart the moment we first grabbed it.

The meat felt more like a squished meatball than a burger in texture and taste, which I know appeals to some but not my favorite. I was expecting to taste more of the pineapple or the beetroot, but they all became one big mushy taste. Maybe thicker slices or fresher ingredients would help here.

I got the Patty Melt (€8), which was a grilled double cheese sandwich, with a bit of butter and garlic mayo on the outside and their patty on the inside. This was way nicer than Felipe’s; the typical white sandwich bread was tastier and sturdier than their hamburger bread.

The patty was the same; it became less disappointing when I thought of it as a meatloaf slice and not as a burger. Could have more of the garlic mayo, it would be awesome.


We chose to try their Potato Wedges (€4) that should come with sour cream and a sweet chili dip, but it came with a weird salsa and tortilla chips. Felipe’s burger came with fries on the side, but we chose to try their Cajun Fries (€3,5 or +€2 with the burger). Delicious potato wedges and perfectly seasoned, so go with these ones if you have to choose!

They have a lot of delicious draught and bottled beers, all around €4, and cocktails, spirits, shots, wines, and soft drinks.

Overall, this is a lovely place to have beers and a snack, but not our favorite for burgers. The price is a bit high for the quality, if you must eat there, it is ok, but we wouldn’t move our asses there just for the food. 

We rate it a 6/10.


Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41, 10178 Berlin Patty Melt was €8, the Cajun Fries were €3,5, and the Beer is around €4.If you want to go to a bar with excellent beers and cocktails, watch a game and eat something, this might be for you. The burgers are not our favorite, but the Cajun Fries were pretty decent, and there are a lot of beer options.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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