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The 8 Burger: just another one in Neukölln

Fotostrasse tries The 8 Burger in this week of the demented #52weeksofburgers challenge. We found this relatively new place close to us in Neukölln and a lazy Tuesday afternoon we went to check it out.

The 8 Burger is relatively big and has different decor from the usual, very colorful, with neons and lights. You go order in the counter, and they bring it for you, no fuzz.

Felipe ordered the Mozzburger (€ 5) with bacon, mozzarella sticks, honey mustard sauce, and cheddar, and double patties (+€2). This was a fine burger, the meat was not bad, the toppings were ok, but nothing really stood out much, not even for the good or the bad. I got the Chili Cheeseburger (€4,60) with jalapeños and cheese, and double patties as well because why not (+€2). This was tastier than Felipe’s burger, the jalapeños made all the difference, the meat was fine as well, and the bread was a little bit over toasted, but it was okay. These were nice but nothing special.

We ordered Sweet potato cheese fries (€3,30) that were a bit burned, but the cheese sauce was super tasty and big Onion Rings (€5,50) that are your basic pre-made frozen ones and we don’t like them. The place has no beers, just a few soft drinks that are around €2,50.

Overall, this is a fundamental place that has reasonable prices and will kill your hunger, we would go back if we were super hungry in the area, but we would definitely not move our butts to visit again. We rate it a 6/10.

Karl-Marx-Straße 139, 12043 Berlin

The Mozzburger was €5,00, the Sweet Cheese Fries were €3,30, and the soft drinks were around €2,50.

If you are in the area, hungry for burgers and want to spend little, this place is for you: not a gastronomic experience, but very honest burgers at a low price, simple as that.

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Camila Irala

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