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Piechas: butcher shop burgers in Bergmannkiez

This week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, we visit another market to eat burgers straight from the butcher shop at Piechas. Located at Marheineke Markethalle in Bergmannkiez; Piechas is a butcher shop and food stall with a variety of burgers and other meat specialties.We went there on a Wednesday afternoon, the place was quite chill, you can choose to eat inside or on the market’s tables on the outside.

I ordered the Big Piechas Burger (€10,90) with 200gr burger, bacon, cheese, grilled vegetables, lettuce, tomato, and onion. I think this is a thing here in Germany, but usually, where I come from when people announce a 200gr burger, you get one patty that weights that, not two regular patties, especially considering the picture in the menu.

In there it reads they are all cooked to a medium, but it was a very bland well done. The vegetables were pickled and a bit on the sour side, there was an ungodly amount of store-bought ketchup and the buns (that were also a bit dry) were again too big for the size of the patties. You could tell the quality of the meat was good, but it was completely covered by everything else in there — what a waste.

Felipe ordered the Rinderfilet burger (€12,50) with a meat filet instead of a burger patty, lettuce, onion, ketchup, and mayo. Unfortunately, this was revolting. The meat was tiny in comparison with the buns and there was so much ketchup and bread, that you couldn’t even taste the beef. To make things worse, it wasn’t well seasoned to start with.

The fries (€2,50 each) were super nice, but they gave us the most ridiculously tiny amount of mayo and ketchup for it. They also have a few beers (around €2,50) and soft drinks.

Overall, we were quite disappointed, the meat seemed super tasty but the rest of the burgers were a fail for the quite expensive price. Maybe their other dishes are worth a try, but the burgers are a hard pass. We rate it a 3/10.


Marheinekepl. 15, 10961 Berlin
www.piechas.comThe Big Piechas Burger was €10,90, the Pommes was €2,50 and the beer around €2,50.If you don’t mind paying a lot of money for a mediocre burger with too much ketchup and bread this is for you. We believe we might have gotten a bad burger day, and their other dishes seem nice, but personally we would not recommend this place.

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Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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