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Berlin Dynamic by Matthias Makarinus

Berlin Dynamic is the name of this fantastic video time-lapse of Berlin made by Matthias Makarinus between May 2010 and September 2011. He took over 50.000 pictures just to make this beautiful movie that clocks a little under 10 minutes.

I think the first time I watched this movie was before even moving to Berlin, and I never get tired of watching it. In a way, it feels like a time capsule of the city I wanted to live in, and this is one of the many reasons I decided to publish this video here.

The video shows familiar Berlin sights like Alexanderplatz, the Berlin Cathedral, the East Side Gallery, and even the Karaoke on Mauerpark.

But my favorite part of Berlin Dynamic is how Matthias Makarinus shows the mundane world of Berlin. My favorite shots are the ones from the subway on Alexanderplatz, and I wish it was that fast to take the trains there!

Berlin Dynamic: A time-lapse video by Matthias Makarinus

Look at the video and try the other Matthias Makarinus videos. I’m pretty sure you are going to love it.

Felipe Tofani

Felipe Tofani

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